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16th note strumming with accents

Posted by JleoLegacy, in Learning guitar 14 April 2012 · 744 views

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"I had a mini break through"

Just today while practicing 16th notes strums with accents I had a mini break through. I rarely practice 16th accents with foot tapping simple because my foot wanted to follow the rhythm of the accents. It's infuriating to say the least so today I put my foot down lol that's funny :) well anyway I did and because my left foot is getting cleverer by the day I started to get it. A hard to explain revelation where the left keeps tapping out 8th notes so in the exercise image below for example my foot keeps going down on the "first" count of each bar start and the "&" count and my accent application with the right was having a hard time breaking the left hand keeps doing the 16th accented strum in the diagram. Concentration, true multi tasking you might say... and pretty cool ! another small step towards greater success.

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WOW .. Waaaaaaaaay back when I played the Accordion I was taught the 1 e & a 2 e & a counting method. Have to remember that .. If I ever get that far .. :)
Cool, thanks for commenting :)
I was taught to count 16th notes like, 1 e t a 2 e t a 3 e t a 4 e t a......ect I always found that way easier to say in my head than the 1 e and a ...ect method.
Little breakthroughs on keeping time and rhythm are worth their weight in gold. Eveybody's mind works differently -- a good cue for one person might be not so good for the next. The 1e&a method is used by a lot of people.
Consider giving this a go: A long time ago I started using 1 a B c 2 a B c ... I found it easier just because "abc" is so elementary and natural to all of us, while "e&a" just doesn't come as naturally to me.
Nevertheless, congratulations on your breakthrough!
Hi guys, thanks for your interest and feedback, with regards the count, I have evolved from the count to the rhythm of said phrase or song. In the beginning of my 16th note lessons the method above got me to the feeling point. I could beat box a sixteenth note rhythm now :) The 16th markings in notation are just for reference. Since I'm starting to get the left foot and right hand on Independent rhythms without metronome as that was always my challenge so it's happy days and onward and upwards :)