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Chord change improvising & recording

Posted by JleoLegacy, in Recording, Learning guitar 29 March 2012 · 505 views

Progress-Update Musings Recording
A recording a snap shot of what you have learned how far you have progressed, I know no one is obliged to post a recording but it don't have to be anything fancy if you haven't recorded before be prepared for an enjoyable and valuable lesson with it's own unique learning curve and not solely in the recording gear department as recording can be done many ways with varying degrees of difficulty.

Recording is an all round expression of your playing ability nearly as good as a live audience performance. Once a student gets open chords down I believe a crucial step and will help them progress immensely is to record and post. The feedback alone is a great encouragement an enthusiasm injection. Worth considering? many new beginner students and not so new would enjoy and gain so much from actually hearing you play :)

This is a first attempt at chord change improvising there are 3 form changes corresponding to a 145 progression in A minor, form 1(Amin) form 4(Dmin) and from 3(Emin) when I do the exercise again I'll note down them down to be sure.

Hi, nice playing. I have a couple of questions.
1. Is this session 11 stuff? Struggeling myself in session 10 and cant wait to get there.
2. Is this some kind of soundcloud cut and paste code to get the player with the specific song in the post?
3. Thinking about posting myself. Do you ever get harsh comments that makes you loose the guts to continue?

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the encouragement and commenting on my blog :)


Yes this is an exercise from Session 11 with a backing track from another source that I adapted. The idea is rather than move around the fretboard to a new form at every change, I stayed within the A minor area at the 5 fret and changed the form to suit the chord using available root notes and still remaining as close to the A minor area as possible. It forces me to think outside the pentatonic box and use the forms in a different manner.


The gui interface that you see is what the embed code from the share dialog on Sound Cloud creates when you post it in a blog. The only thing needed is to enable auto line break html option in the blog post dialog box.


I have not had a challenge with regards my musical creations on sound cloud I think it's because it's a musical resource and most musicians have respect and understanding for those making and effort to become a better musicians. It's and entirely different story on You Tube though I've had challenges caused by unthoughtful ignorant people but I strive to move forward and surely day by day I am becoming the musician I aspire to be :rightacoutsitc:

Thanks for the reply. You are a true inspiration and a great support resource for the community.