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My First Day

Posted by *soldier*, 30 March 2012 · 370 views

Today I finally recieved a much anticipated package in the mail. It was my Learn and Master the guitar DVD sessions. I was so excited and anxious to get started, I quickly ripped through the tape and card board to recieve my prize. I have now begun the sessions I have completed session one and I have high hopes for myself as it pertains to this course. I cant wait to begin session 2 tomorrow after some practice of course.. I believe I will catch on quickly, I have full confidence in my capabilities but! The dreaded but haha I would really like some pointers i can use on my journey to becomeing a skilled guitar player. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks!!

ROCK ON!!!!!
Spc. Sansone

Patience and practice are the two pointers I can give you. Playing guitar can be extremely rewarding and also very frustrating. Practice seems obvious but everyone wants instant gratification myself included and it just doesn't happen that way, the more you practice the better you get. Congrats on getting your course and welcome to the community.
Thanks nick and ill definetly keep it in mind. Im not going to lie i do hope for instant gratification haha i know that is an unrealistic wish though. I really appreciate the feed back!!!
Trust me man I'm the king of instant gratification! I started getting frustrated on session 3 and took one of Steve recommendations and I bought the Hal Leonard easy pop melodies the second version with the backing track cd. If you start learning to read music, it's an awesome book and I think it was like $15 shipped. It really started to get me out of my rut and also provided me a little instant gratification. Good luck again and keep in touch with your progress
Nick hit the nail on the head ..... Patience and practice. Good luck.

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