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Can't wait

Posted by stevenday23, 25 March 2012 · 447 views

March 25

I am sitting at the computer doing homework and find my mind wondering. I can't wait for my course to arrive. I know it probably will not arrive till wednesday but that only adds to the excitement. It will arrive soon enough and my post will be much more interesting. It will be wonderful to look back on this and remember my entire journey from beginning to end.

I thought you said your next enry would be when you receive the course (lol). You have every right to be excited, you are entering a wonderful world. If, as you said, you were doing homework you are also the right age to start. DO NOT waste this opportunity you have chosen the right course that will give you all the basics
for your musical journey. Many members including myself regret not taking it serious when we were younger and are now envious of those who did. Good luck and enjoy.
I agree with judda. Stay cool and don't rush. follow thw lessons learn the notes work an those first few chords and hang in there wish tou lots of luck on your new endeavour

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