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3rd Day

Posted by Cinnamon_22, 16 March 2012 · 219 views

Sore fingers are surprisingly already easing up. Pushing through session 2 on my day #3.
Thanking myself for playing piano before guitar, because piano notes and guitar notes are the same. That's one less thing I need to learn.
My family needs to push me off the TV to get me to stop. That's just cause I Practice makes perfect!

Things Pushing me Forward: My will, Determination, Excitement, Dreams, Hope, and encouragement.

It helps me when I talk to people who have used this program and been successful.
I can't wait to finish this session and many, many more!

The sore fingers will indeed go away. Until then, make sure you don't overdue it . Play a little, take some time off. If you go at it too hard, you can injure your fingertips (blisters, etc.) Then you will have to wait a while to play again.

NIce to have you in the chat room. Keep it up and keep coming back here, it will keep you motivated to keep going, even when you don't want to.

Thanks Tom :) It really helps me to have people to talk to in the chat room like you!
I'll try to not overdue it, though I love playing.
Thanks for all the advice you've given me!


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