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Just ordered learn and master guitar

Posted by Nick Benson, 05 March 2012 · 367 views

I just now ordered learn and master guitar. I contemplated it for a few days and tried to look up as many reviews as possible but unfortunately I don't know how many unbiased reviews I saw. It seemed like almost all of them were affiliated or trying to sell it on their sites. I'm curious as to what you all think about it since obviously you have used it and own it? I'm very excited to get this in a few days and am really hoping I made a good decision. I've been playing for a couple months and am really hoping to kind of get out of this rut I'm already in where I'm not really moving forward.

Hi nick,

I think the course is great so far, I'm only on session 5/6 doing chords now.

You learn to read music and the first position from the get go, and progress is really fast through sessions 1-3.

I'd suggest making sure you take session 1 seriously, it's about building your hand up for future sessions, I often use it as a warm up before playing.

Also, I'd get a beginner music book to accompany the course, there's not a lot of practice material after the exercises.

Hope you enjoy the course and 'master' the guitar ;)
Thanks for your input Barrie, it's greatly appreciated. I hope you master it as well!!!
The course is very good Nick - if you stick to it and do everything asked of you, I'm completely confident it'll make a guitar player out of you.

It's not easy and it's not a 'learn to play in 3 months' course - but it does seem to cover everything you need to know in a very sensible fashion (I'm just finishing up session 4 and loving it). Also, the forum is a great place for motivation and encouragement, which I think for a course like this is very important.

Good luck!

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