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Posted by roughstart, 02 March 2012 · 381 views

I am four days into this. I had my guitar set up today and I could hit my cords perfect at the music store. But before and now that I'm home I just buzz them out. This is very frustrating any tips. Thanks.

Hello, maybe the temperature or the humidity is different at home and it can cause the neck slightly moving that can definetly cause buzzing.
if you've only been working at it a few days I would recomend working on the notes and doing the excercises .that will help develope callouses on your fingers. then the chords will come much easier
At this stage, only a few days into the program, even though temperature and humidity could be a factor, you are going to have some days when the chords are easy and some when they are not. Steve says he only put the C and G7 chords in that first session to basically just introduce us to the concept of chords. Nobody is expected to be able to play the chords properly every time at this stage, so neither should you expect it of yourself. For now, spend most of your time focusing on the notes and the finger exercises. That being said, Leonard's comment above is definitely correct and you could look into that concept. Welcome to the course, good luck, and ENJOY !!!
Seconding what Scratching an itch said,
Don't worry at all about the chords in the first 4 sessions. S1-4 are all about getting your fingers use to the cordination required to play the guitar one note/finger at a time and learning how to read & understand sheet music. After S4 the real guitar learning will begin with chords becoming the focus.

Just like Leonard said, this also could have been a tempature change issue. Since wood is "alive" then it is possible for it to shift as the wood expands and contracts due to cold and heat.
When I am "buzzing", usually a simple adjustment of the angel at which I am holding the guitar to ensure I have adequate room to drop my wrist, arch my fingers and press firmly on the strings will correct. The only other thing I can think of, make sure you are touching only the strings you intend to be.
Maybe your fingers just need a bit of a rest. When mine start hurting real bad, I just can't play AT ALL...
But if that's not the case, there will most likely always be sometimes when you can't play well... I know i have those times.
Hope I could help you :)

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