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Four Weeks In...

Posted by Greg Rankin, in Progress Diary 18 March 2012 · 257 views

Today officially marks the end of the fourth week on my guitar journey. Now into Session 5 and have memorized the 14 basic open chords. Still missing some notes, but much improved (had nowhere to go but up), and can now bang out a mean "Ode to Joy" at about 100 bpm and a slow but passable America the Beautiful. The big challenge for the next several weeks will be learning how to do quick chord changes. Feel like a baby learning to walk for the first time, but enjoying the process. A couple of videos that have helped with applying the "muscle memory" concept: and http://youtu.be/9KPXveFq-wM. A big thanks to my fellow travelers for posting some great tips and info in the forums. And of course to Steve for being a fantastic and motivational instructor.

Accomplishments in this first month: learning all the first position notes, reading music again, playing simple melodies at a reasonable bpm, getting some mean callouses on the tips of my fingers. Goal for the next four weeks: Reaching the Session 5 "You're Ready to Move On" requirements. Pushing on.

Hi Greg, good to meet you.....nice to hear how good you are doing on your way into session 5! Thank you for sharing those youtube videos....really liked the first one, some good ideas, will try to do those...but, i was not able to open the 2nd one...don't know why? I am new here and just started with session 1 this last week...i am starting session 2 as of yesterday and doing good. So i am still doing the session 1 finger exercises and moving on with session 2. Prior to this guitar class...I have been taking lessons locally for about 3 1/2 months. So I can play the first 3 strings.....but i am not fast...so i will do the sessions as suggested. I love it and look forward to lots of good music in my future.... I will watch to see how you are progressing....good luck!!

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