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Posted by judda, 27 February 2012 · 407 views

received the course last Thursday and found both the course and it's content extremely professionally presented and I have been lucky enough to progress to session three.
Have a couple of questions I hope someone can help with.
I have a chromatic clip on tuner for my acoustic gutar but when I listened to jam along CD 1 it sounded strange so I compared it to the tuning section on that CD I found each string on my guitar to be flat to each note. The tuner is calibrated to 440 and I have made sure ther are no flat signs on the display. Has anyone else experienced this? faulty tuner etc.?
Secondly a question about holding the guitar, regular or classical,I seem to be more comfortable holding it classical style as it appears to give me more access higher up the fretboard. My concern is that most people favour the regular way including Steve. Is there any advantage one way or the other?
Finally, my course arrived here in the UK just over five days after ordering...impressive. So up to now extremely happy, except with my tuner.


Not really sure as to which style of holding has benefits however if your guitars not sounding like the video, how old are your strings? As you use them and the oils build up on them they will lose there crisp sound which would cause your sound to be off a little. Could be part of the issue, just a thought. Obviously it could be a faulty tuner as well, hope this helped.
Thanks for your comments Nick but it was the tuner. Took it down to the local music store and they were fascinated that it was so presicely wrong on each string, wouldn't buy it off me though. Bought a new one, doesn't make my playing any better but at least it is in tune now.
I read an early article of Steves regarding holding the guitar, he expressed there should be no real advantage one way or another and it was personal preference. Thanks again for the input, good luck with your playing.
Thanks for letting me know that there isnt really a benefit as to how to hold it. I really was unsure and kind of questioned how I held mine. Glad it was just a faulty tuner and hopefully now you are back up and running. Good luck with your playing as well!

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