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Session 2 Progress and "Which other resource to buy?"

Posted by pinkteapot, 29 February 2012 · 552 views

Notes are still going well; consistency improving with less mistakes. When I do make a mistake I'm still in the habit of starting over instead of being able to just plough on. I want to improve that.

Chords - the simplified three string chords are fine and I play those to cheer myself up. Working on the four-string versions and pushing my dodgy index finger gently. Progress is going to be slower than the notes.

The guidance says two weeks for Session 2 and, a week and a half in, I think that's about right. I should be moving on to Session 3 this weekend but we're away so I think I'll leave it an extra week (if I can stand another week of playing Jingle Bells!) rather than try and fit the new session in around work.

I currently only have the standard course, though I have downloaded the Bonus Workshops course book and am using it. I'm debating whether to get the Bonus Workshops or the Song Hits to accompany the course. From the book, the bonus workshops look like 'more of the same'. Additional exercises and songs in the same style (style = "no rights fee due" from what I can tell...). I'm tempted to get the Song Hits instead. It says that there are songs included matched to each session's skill level, so you don't have to wait till you're a Session 15 expert before you can start playing them. I think it would be nice to learn more modern, famous songs alongside those included in the sessions...

get the bonus workshops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get both if ypu can
How useful are the bonus workshops? It says in the course that they are "essential" but I thought that might be marketing hype... From the workbook for them it looks like "more of the same" - additional exercises and songs similar to those in the main course.

The Song Hits looks more interesting in the sense that it's something different.

I did consider both but it makes it quite a lot of money. Though I'm selling a load of old stuff on eBay at the moment so I'll see how that goes...
I'm still in lesson one but the bonus workshops are nice and I'm glad I bought them
Bonus materials are way more challenging and worth it. A must.
I have the bonus workshops and they're a big help. Also take a look at the three "Easy Pop Melodies" books (Hal Leonard). Be sure to get the ones with the CDs... about $13 each on Amazon.
The bonus workshops are a must. They will definitely take you farther in each session than just the basic course session ... by a lot. The Song Hits are nice, and +1 to Greg Rankin's comments about the "Easy Pop Melodies" book by Hal Leonard.

Of course, this would also be a most excellent time to start looking into another guitar or two, a good amplifier, some stomp boxes or effects pedals, a really cool monogrammed guitar strap, some really neat picks of different sizes, shapes, thicknesses, stiffness, colors, etc., a good tuner, a better metronome, a music stand, a rack in which to store your guitars, some recording equipment (digital audio interface, digital audio work station, studio monitors, XLR and MIDI and USB and firewire cables, good recording software, possibly a new laptop to use for your recording, a good microphone with a stand and a pop filter).
Welcome to the course, good luck, keep us posted on your progress (and your spending), and most of all ... ENJOY !!!
Thanks all! You might have persuaded me on the bonus workshops; they sound better than I thought they would be. As I said, I'm selling a load of stuff on eBay at the moment with the auctions finishing on Sunday - I'll see how my Paypal balance looks after that as Legacy conveniently take Paypal.

I think I'm a little way off any new guitars or equipment. :tongue: And I like the sound of acoustic; never had an urge to play electric guitar but that might change as the course progresses...

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