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Fun with the Jam-Along CD

Posted by pinkteapot, 13 March 2012 · 319 views

I'm still on Session 2. It's taking slightly longer than planned due to a lost week of a weekend away followed by illness. The importance of regular practice hit home when I picked the guitar up again for the first time. Rustiness sets in fast!

I decided to try the jam-along CD for the first time today. I'll admit to scepticism beforehand. I thought... Well... I thought it might be a little bit lame. But, on the contrary, the arrangement of Ode to Joy is decent and the varying speeds are great. I worked my way up to the fast version over the course of a 45 minute practice session. Even imperfect playing of a simple 6-note song sounds pretty good with backing music! And as muscle memory started to reduce the need for intense concentration I even had a sing-along. :w00t:

Really enjoyed today's practice. I had been planning on starting Session 3 this weekend but I might stick with Session 2 a few days longer as I'm late to the jam-along party. Next time I'll introduce it earlier in the process of learning each Session's songs.

In other news, I raised a good amount of cash selling some old things on eBay and I've ordered the Bonus Workshops and the Song Hits. Apparently it'll take about three weeks for them to cross the Atlantic though. :crywarrior:

hi, i am just starting session 1 today.....I liked your post, glad to hear you were playing along in session 2. having fun, love the guitar. Pavanne
Good luck Pavanne! I'm really enjoying the course so far; it's far better than I expected (even after reading good reviews).

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