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11 week update - my session 4 progress

Posted by TiredRob, 08 March 2012 · 392 views

OK, so I've now been 'plinking away' for 11 weeks and while I'm still in session 4, I do now have most of it licked...

The past couple of weeks have seen me playing more like about 2 hours a day while work is quiet, so I've been making the most of it - I can now play all the excersises at speeds higher than the moving on requirements except one... and I know regular readers will know which one that is!

I can also play most of the songs ok, although I'm still 'polishing' some of them. Minuet in C took me a while to get, but I can now play it at 100bpm, Simple gifts around the same speed. Star Spangled Banner is pretty consistent at 80bpm. I'm still working on Minuet in G, which is now pretty good at 70bpm but gets sloppy at the required 77... so work still to do there. I'm 100% blaming my stupid pinky for that, since the rest of the song is fine until I hit the F sharps..!

I've also been playing Fur Elise (currently around 60bpm but needs tidying up still) and The Entertainter, which I have pretty good at 90bpm now. Thos two are great fun - although I find Fur Elsie pretty tricky to play...

My observations at this point:

My pinky is still letting me down. It's learning, albeit slowly, but it has some work to do. I'm still also suffering from misfires on certain songs (Fur Elise and Minuet in G) which tells me the fingers don't yet have all the notes down 100%. They're getting there, but being honest with myself, they're not quite there yet. This session has been interesting, and sometimes frustrating - but one of the main things I think I've learned is that you just need to keep plugging away at it, and it'll come to you over time. I've decided you can't actually rush this because your fingers won't let you.

So anyway, I think another week would probably see me done in session 4, but I'm going abroad for a week in 2 days, so no guitar during that period. When I come back I expect to spend another week or so catching up again then I'll probably start session 5 while still using 4 for practice/warmups. I'm probably about 3/4 done with THAT octave excersise but if I'm happy with everything else I don't think I'll let that one thing stop me looking into 5 when I'm ready - I'll keep plugging away at it anyway.

So that's where I'm at. Still enjoying the experience and looking forward to learning more.

Thanks for reading!

I am still chugging through Session 4 myself, haven't started on the bonus material songs yet though. Still working on getting Star Spangled Banner and Minuet in G up to speed. Interestingly enough, it's not my pinky that's the problem. I just get a little nervous that I'll hit the wrong note with one of the other fingers and then I do. Imagine that...

Anyway, congratulations on your progress. I'm sure it's taken a lot of practice to get where your at.
Glad to see you working at it Rob. Try slowing the metronome down to a speed where you can play the songs perfectly then work up slowly to get the speed. Don't give up!!!!!!!!!!! Also take one excercise, work on that till you get it right and then go on to the next one.concentration.

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