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My progress in LMG

Posted by TiredRob, 30 January 2012 · 608 views

Hi all,

So, I've decided it might be a good idea to start a blog to chart my progress in the Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar course...

I've had my guitar for exactly 5 1/2 weeks now, and prior to this I had never picked up a guitar or played any instrument in my life. I've never read music, and really had no ida whatsoever, other than a vague idea that I'd love to be able to play guitar and that the road to learning it is most likely a long and windy road to follow..!

So that's my history, and I have a shiny new Epiphone Les Paul special II to play with - which according to the reviews I found online, should be good enough to keep me going while I learn the basics. While researching which guitar to buy, I also looked up guitar courses, and after a lot of reading and fair amount of umming and aahing, I splashed out on LMG because the course looked to be very structured and started from the very beginnings before moving on in a logical manner. I also got the LMG iphone app and watched some you tube videos so I had a fair idea of what to expect...

So... that was just a little over 5 weeks ago, and since day one I've managed to get some practice in on the guitar every single day since. I usually try to get an hour or so, sometimes more and sometimes a bit less. So far I've progressed from knowing absolutely nothing and not being able to control my fingers at all, to pretty much knowing all the notes on the first 4 strings in the first position. I'm also starting to learn music reading including note durations and rests, and can already play a few (very simple) songs.

Today I just began session 4 of the course - learning the notes on the 5th and 6th string. It's strange how every time you add a new 'something' your fingers seem to forget everything you already taught them(!) but I'm sure I'll pick it up in time. I've been both pleased, and frustrated in turns already, and I'm sure there's plenty more frustration to come but overall I'm pretty happy with my progress so far. I can see already that session 4 is going to take some time to conquer, but the support from the forum members is really good and I'm sure I'll get through it in time.

Anyway... that's where I am right now, and I'm looking forward to working my way through the course and will try to keep this little blog updated with my progress as I move along. Hopefully if I get through the trials and tribulations of learning, others that come after me can find some inspiration in knowing that the hurdles can be overcome... even if they do seem unsurmountable at first sometimes!

Thanks for reading!



Thanks for the blog. It's great to hear how you are progressing. I'm thrilled that you are starting to move forward on those "I'd really like to become a guitar player" feelings that you have had for a while.

You can do it. Just keep chipping away at it. Skill by skill, line by line, practice session by practice session. That's how skill is developed.

Don't be discouraged at these long days of simple songs and frustrations with your fingers. In a few months you will look back on these and they'll seem far away as you will be on to new challenges.

Play for someone else as often as possible. This is a big key to your development.

Keep in touch.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the process with you.


You've made a good choice with L&M Guitar! Though I've been around music all my life I've never committed to an instrument until last April. As I'm sure you've read in other posts and blogs, Session 4 is a resolve tester for most. Many who start with great enthusiasm for learning to play the guitar are never to be heard from again in the middle of their progress in Session 4.

That is in no way an attempt to scare you away. On the contrary, it's an encouragement to take a daily dose of reality along with the enthusiasm and know that somewhere along this road you're going to be challenged. Resist the temptation to say "I'm not cut out for this!" All it means is you're actually starting to really learn and your mind and muscles are trying to figure out how to change their habits to make this thing work.

I'm 43 and 10 months into it and am in Session 8(ish). The first four sessions came quite easily for me and I happened to have the time to devote to it every day. Then schedules changed and Session 5 started to challenge me. I almost gave up. I think I went 5-6 weeks without picking up my guitar. Then I sat down and thought threw all the reasons I wanted to learn it and decided it was time to dig deep and just trust the learning process regardless of how long it takes. Obviously it's taking much longer for the second four sessions to sink in but I'm getting there and am really enjoying it.

Just two suggestions for Session 4:
1. Break it up into three mini-sessions. Learn the 5th string exercises (with bonus work) then 6th string, then sharps & flats. Work on the songs as they fit the appropriate mini-session.
2. When you've been in 4 for so long that you've forgotten your own name and the end just doesn't seem to be in sight, start dabbling in Session 5 while continuing in 4. It'll break up the monotony and may help to rekindle the enthusiasm. If it's been more than 8 weeks you might even consider moving out of 4 and fully into 5, then go back to four once you've gotten 5 down. You'll need it all once you get to Session 10 but 2-4 and 5-9 are different hills to climb and their order can be switched without too much trouble.

Congrats on your progress so far!
Hey Rob. Thanks for sharing you progress. I can certainly relate to much of what you describe here. I recently decided to start the course back up so I am right there with you in the beginning stages. It's funny how our fingers seem to have minds of their own sometimes....makes me appreciate more and more when I see professional guitarists like Steve make it look so easy and effortless. Great learning about your journey. Keep it up!

Chris G

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