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Still in Session 4 . . .

Posted by Blueser100, in Practice & Progress Blog 21 January 2012 · 421 views

I am taking things slowly. I had a very good practice session today, much better than yesterday's. Yesterday I tried to rush and cram in a 1/2 practice before getting ready for work. On three cups of coffee. Not good. Lots of misfires on things I could play perfectly. I notice that if my mind wanders momentarily away from the notes on the page, I mess up.

Today I planned my routine better and took an hour. I played "Minuet in C" 4x w/o misfiring and could play along on the CD fast version. Yippee! Then I practiced "Simple Gifts" w/o the metronome and couldn't get the timing right. So I set the nome to 60 bpm with the red light on the 1 beat and finally got it. Played it 3x through almost perfectly! My pinky stretch to the F# is getting stronger too, and I gave extra practice time to the Sharps and Flats exercise as well. Still can't do that one without looking at the tab though.


It's good to hear you're doing well! I haven't practiced in a couple of days now and feel really bad for it.. Need to make myself practice before I work, even if that means getting up early.

I haven't actually played along to the CD's properly yet. Do you find they have helped you out a lot with timing? I'm on session 3, almost session 4. Need to do a couple more hours on notes on the four strings and then I'm moving onwards :)

Hope you have a good week, and good luck with your practice!
Hi Josh,
Yes definitely I feel playing along with the jam tracks has helped with my timing. Sometimes just practicing the songs w/ the metronome is sort of isolating. The jam tracks have inspired me because it feels like I am playing with other musicians. As someone who has played with others in local beginner jams, I cannot place a value on playing with others.

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