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Session 2 Workshop Progress

Posted by Doug5, 27 January 2012 · 324 views

I didn't have any problems with this workshop at all. Everything went smoothly. I am able to jam along to Ode to Joy and Jingle Bells with the Jam along CD. Interestingly, the faster the tempo is the less errors I do...I guess at fast tempos I have less time to make them:)

I have started using a metronome and can play everything suggested at the correct speeds. I must say I am very satisfied with the course thus far!

Movin' on to Session 3.

nice, i just started session 2 a few days ago and like you i seem to be able to get through the exercises with fewer errors at faster metronome speeds. I thought that was a bit odd glad to hear I'm mot so special, I need to keep my alter hendrix ego in check...
I'm only on Session 1 but I find the same with the exercises there. If I do them too slowly, I make more mistakes. Maybe I over-think it at lower speeds. Feels more natural at a decent pace!

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