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Barre chords revisited

Posted by CAPT. ROB, 25 January 2012 · 522 views

One thing is for sure. I can at times be dense as a post.
I am on session seven and I posted a comment on the ask Steve section about how my thumb was killing me when trying to play barre chords. I received a couple of comments about how I should not be using my thumb, which I now know is true.
What the responses did not say and I think will help other beginners like me is this.
If you find yourself killing your thumb, back up a bit and pay close attention to how you are playing the open chords. There is virtually no thumb use except to guide the position of the hand. Then return to the barre chord section and begin to practice while conscientiously trying to limit your thumb use. In other words, try not to use it any more than you do when playing the open chords. Eureka! It will still take a lot of work to break my habit of bearing down with my thumb, but I am on the right course now. I hope this helps some of you. Thanks to Steve and everyone else.

Hmm. Now you've got me wondering how I do it. I've never paid much attention to my thumb...
Thanks! I'll try it. My thumb has been killing me too. It's frustrating to be able to play the chords but only to be able do it for about 20 or 30 seconds without stopping.
Thanks for the tip! My thumb has been aching since I started the barre chord work in Sessions 7 and 8. I'll try to consciously limit the use of my thumb. Do you think I should power through the discomfort, or wait to try again after my thumb feels better?
I just started session 7 and I think that will help.

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