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Zach & Luke play Police and Elton John

Posted by Jaz167, 27 February 2011 · 389 views

I know what it looks like; the boys were fighting over the strat, so I went out and bought another. In reality, the gear buying is my thing and I couldn’t resist it when another Pacifica (slightly different spec; look closely) came up on eBay complete with another Roland Microcube. So now they have a Yamaha Pacifica and Roland Microcube each, with a bit more practice I’ll be sending them out busking!

We are hoping to move on to session 6 this week. We’ll keep you updated, in the meantime enjoy this –

Thats awesome!!!
Hi Jaz, Zach and Luke,

The boys are coming on really good and especially Luke I can see him tapping away and concentrating Zach needs to concentrate a little more :question: even though the video camera is a major distraction.

An extra set of music printed out might help, rather than having to glance across the music room. Boys don't over indulge in playing the electrics the acoustic will challenge you more and when you play the electric it'll seem so easy.

Keep u the great work


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