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Taking a VERY long pause, but not quitting

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 13 June 2013 · 516 views

When I started with L&M Guitar I was motivated in no small amount by the sheer number of participants on this forum. Reading all the posts and blogs of all the newbies and vets provided the much needed encouragement and reminder that it is indeed possible to learn a new instrument!

I carried on quite faithfully up until about lesson 8/9 when the inde...

Why learning to play is harder for older folks than for youth

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 01 November 2011 · 425 views

Not that I consider myself elderly at 43, but I do have teenaged children and watching them learn their respective instruments is remarkable. It all just seems to come so easily for them and I thought to myself this last week, why is it hard for me and not for them?

After some reflection I realized a couple of things. For one, it's not easy for...

Still at it, just slower

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 19 October 2011 · 397 views

It has been quite the summer and reality has struck with regard to my schedule! I've had to dig deep within the recesses of my heart and mind to decide whether I really want to learn to play the guitar. A whole lot of obstacles have hindered me from practicing daily and I found myself not even picking the thing up for weeks.

But I believe it's...

Setting proper expectations

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 18 July 2011 · 345 views

Sessions 5 and 6 have been a bigger wake up call for me than I expected. One aspect is the busyness of Summer which is interfering more with my practice time than I imagined. Winter was definitely the right time to start learning!

Another thing is that these two sessions have taken longer than any other. Again, I'm not getting as much in per day,...

Started work in Session 6

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 29 June 2011 · 486 views

On the advice of a few here in the forums I decided to start adding the Session 6 chords to my practice and dip my toe into the pool of strumming. I haven't quite reached the Move On requirements for 5 but I'm close. I'm comfortable enough with the chord forms from 5 to not stress my brain with a few new ones.

I'm taking next week off from...

Summer is definitely here

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 23 June 2011 · 154 views

I didn't realize how beneficial it was to start L&MG when the weather was cool and there were no summer activities! Other things (all very important and good mind you) are starting to "interfere" with my practice schedule.

Just last night something came up where I wasn't home early enough to get a good practice in, but I had a...

Picking up speed in 5

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 20 June 2011 · 308 views

I've been plodding along for the last two weeks in Session 5, just going over the main book's exercises and switching back and forth between chords. I've also been working on clean fingering with the boxed G major scale (frets 2-5) and am getting faster and cleaner slowly but surely. It's amazing how hard it is to get it perfectly multiple...

Feeling the chords take shape

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 15 June 2011 · 349 views

Still in Session 5 but really enjoying the change of pace and taking my time to really learn the chord shapes. This morning as I was practicing my chord changes I went back to the first group of chords and noticed how much easier it was to form them and make them sound good! Less pressure and a little quicker to get there.

Slow and steady! I now at...

#5 is alive!

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 09 June 2011 · 146 views

Ok, so I can't help myself with the movie quotes! I've done it all my life. I sometimes speak in movie lines. "Aaaaaaaaalrighty then!"

I'm five days into Session 5 and find myself settling into it. It feels more like a run along the beach in Maui than the plyometric training that were Sessions 1-4! Still work but I feel...

Next stop, Chordovia

Posted by Yosemite Sam, 06 June 2011 · 377 views

Well, this weekend proved to be a great one for me as the final pieces of Session 4 just came together for me and I feel very satisfied with where I'm at. Got back on the train and headed to the next country called Chordovia. I'll be visiting the quaint village of Chordopen, famous for their 14 flavors of open chords.

As far as new material goes,...