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Painting in Winter

Posted by Gayle Levee, 09 December 2011 · 2,217 views

As the days shorten and the cold creeps around the door frames, many people snuggle in and spend more timewith the TV, the PC, or a book. We artists can find ourselves tempted to join the rest of the world in front of the TV, but when we do that, our brushes have a distressing way of forgetting how to paint. Have you noticed that?


Artist Self Promotion

Posted by Gayle Levee, 19 May 2011 · 1,592 views


Contemplative Painting

Posted by Gayle Levee, 12 March 2011 · 1,289 views


Artistic License

Posted by Gayle Levee, 08 March 2011 · 885 views

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Sometimes I'm a slow learner. I know artistic license has to do with moving things around and leaving things out. I know we can't paint every leaf and twig, so we only paint something that serves to remind us of what leaves and twigs look like. Also, maybe our...

Taxes and Floods: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Posted by Gayle Levee, 02 March 2011 · 1,136 views

A lot of artists seem like flakes, and lots of "left-brain, right-brain" jokes are made about us. The fact is, a fair number of artists actually do have a brain glitch called Discalculia. Yours truly is one of those lucky people.

Discalculia is caused by a few missing brain cells -- the ones that handle little things like numbers, places and,...

In the Studio

Posted by Gayle Levee, 19 February 2011 · 864 views

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Do outdoor painters do the entire body of their landscape work outside?  Sometimes. I know of artists who paint large-scale paintings completely outdoors, using paint tubes loaded into caulking guns.

But sometimes an artist will go into the studio to finish a painting begun...

Oil Sketches

Posted by Gayle Levee, 15 February 2011 · 917 views

A long time ago (and far, far away) some artists decided they wanted to make sketches in color rather than in pencil. They used their paints for this, but they were just taking quick notes -- called color notes -- and the paintings were not intended to be finished works of art.

A funny thing happened: these oil color sketches glowed with a fresh vitality...

A Week of Waterfalls

Posted by Gayle Levee, 09 February 2011 · 755 views

We have been braving snow, sleet, rain, rocks and heights to paint Cummins Falls this week, but the most challenging part was getting onto the property. The directions for unlocking the gate went something like this: "Stand facing the tree on the opposite side of the road and look over your left shoulder at the sixth post." ... it got more...

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