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But I don't want to use a pick! :)

06 October 2018 - 08:56 PM

Hi. I'm Carol.


I've been trying to learn guitar for about 10 years now, and STILL call myself a beginner.


It took me a few years to realize that I want to learn fingerstyle guitar. I don't like playing with a pick. At all. I am on my 5th guitar teacher; this last one a master fingerstyle guitar player (he won the national fingerstyle championship in the mid-90s). The problem is, while he has taught guitar for years, he hasn't develped a curriculum to help me advance. Only one of my previous teachers had a curriculum or sorts, and that was because he taught at a university. But, again, 99% of his students were college kids just learning guitar. He doesn't normally teach fingerstyle but did so with me, and in the process we essentially abandoned fundamental guitar! 


Because of the lack of a curriculum with my current teacher, I bought the L&M series. But....the sessions all have students playing with a pick. Steve, if you're out there, I'd love your input on this. How shall I approach the L&M lessons? I did purchase the Fingerstyle 'module' in companionship with the main L&M course, but feel that I should work my way through the main sessions first. Thoughts?


In short, is there a way to learn guitar basics without a pick, using L&M?


By the way, I have gone through twice as many guitars as teachers, LOL! I've finally settled on a Taylor 312CE-N, which means it's a 12-fret nylon string crossover guitar with cutaway and electronics on board (which I never use). And...I'm a lefty, who plays lefty! Which makes reading chord charts VERY challenging, since they are all backwards to me.  :getlost:


Thanks for 'listening.'