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Thought I would share something that has been helpful for me

19 July 2016 - 05:46 AM

Ever had one of those 'hit by the clue-by-four' moments?


I am returning-to-the-guitar-after-a-long-absence like most of those I see on the forum.  I don't post much, but I lurk and learn, and feel like I would like to give back a little bit.  


I have been blessed with small hands combined with a left-hand injury that I suffered not two days after ordering this course - fell on it; dislocated and compressed joints over all the fingers on my left hand, of which the little finger received the worst punishment.  I have spent the past three years recovering and wondering if my pinky will ever stretch past that third fret.  It hasn't so far.  (and you have no idea how long typing this much has taken me, or how much my fingers are aching).  Oh, and did I mention I'm old and getting a bit arthritic? You get the picture.


Then, while watching the latest Live Lesson with Phil Keaggy, he mentioned lowered tuning and using a capo; and I remembered BB King talking about his preference for light strings (said something like "why do you want to work so hard?").  Then it all fell into place for me.


I put the lightest electric strings I could find on my Ovation acoustic, tuned them to E-flat, slapped a capo on the first fret. And. It. Was. Wonderful.


With the capo on, I am in tune to the backing tracks, and I also find I am playing on a shorter scale neck which puts those previously out-of-reach frets in range (fear me F#, fear me!), the strings are not stretched as tight and don't require as much pressure to get a clear note.  The action is improved.  It really is like having a new guitar and a new feeling about practice - it is just easier.




New Gear - New Reason to Play

06 March 2016 - 07:16 PM

 I found this beauty in the local Tom Lee's.  It was particularly funny because my wife and I had been shopping and as we were leaving one of the stores, I jokingly said something about buying more guitars - of course she said no.
We'd been wandering around chatting with one of the salespeople and were about ready to leave when he asked if we had seen their new used section.  Wandered over, and among the usual collection of Strats and Les Pauls was this.  It is a Crafter SAC-TWVS, nylon string, and unlike any "classical" guitar I had ever seen or played.  It is fairly heavy, so not much volume played unplugged, but plugged in it was amazing. The LR Baggs pickup set probably helps.
receiving it's final inspection
Crafter SAC TWVS


I haven't been able to find a lot of information on it other than some stellar reviews on British and French websites.


THe State of the Stomp

14 January 2016 - 09:28 PM

state Of The stomp

My pedal board re-done and populated.  Christmas and my birthday brought two pedals: a Loop Station RC-3 and a Mooer Shim Verb.


My next step will be to get more practice with the looper - so far it's been a blast.