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My Thoughts On Learn & Master Guitar :)

13 November 2010 - 12:02 AM

Hello everyone,

I just received the expanded edition of Learn and Master guitar, I don't know what the typical sales are, but I'm assuming I'm among the first with that new set (The Gibson logo one). My Father and I have been wanting to learn guitar for a while now, and we finally pulled the trigger on the course.

My first impressions were of the box and casing itself, which seem very good quality and very sturdy. When I saw it, I immediately got excited, knowing that if the box was any indication, the course would be just as good (Which it is). I had similar impression of the contents of the box.

The first thing I noticed after putting in session one was that everything seems very thorough and thought out. Many courses and learning methods out there seem to leave out parts or be incomplete. It also seems like so many guitarists have absolutely no idea what music theory is, or how to read legitimate music. I know many a guitarist who only use tabs and when presented with a situation requiring music charts go "...duh..duh..duh *drool*".

Much of session 1 was review for me, as I had taught myself some guitar earlier this year, and ended up realizing I needed some real direction. I can play 10-15 chords (C, D, G, A, Em, Am, G7, E7, A7, etc), but when it comes to knowing the theory behind it, or where to go from there I couldn't tell you. To be safe, I watched all of session one, just to make sure I was not skipping over important information. I also did all the exercises in the booklet for session 1. Again, just review.

I'm now in session 2, and glad of it. I'm happy to start learning the actually names of the notes on the strings, something I did not know before. The irony is, my father was going through session 1 himself, and attempted to tune the high E, and in the process it broke. So the entire lesson was spent by pretending that the B string was the E. Hopefully we can pick up a new set of strings this weekend.

I'm also very excited that my dad is doing this with me, not only because it is fun to do things together, but also because he has extensive knowledge I can draw from. He majored in music in college, knows everything there is to know about music theory, plays piano, etc etc. My dad and mom even met in a choir that toured the United States, as they both were singers in it. So I already come from a very musical family to draw upon.

Hopefully I will be posting updates to our progress through the course as we go along. Thank you so much Steve, L&M, and the community here for making my dream possible.

Keep working, never give up, fix your eyes on the goal!

Michael Shipley