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Current Job
Computer tech

Top 5 books
Currently Reading (Have to many books to pick fave), Troy - David Gemmell (Book 3), Grail Quest - Halequin (Archers Tale) Book 1 - Bernard Cromwell, Eaters of the dead - Michael Crichton, The Passage: A Novel - Justin Cronin, Elvis and Gladys

My Instruments
Crafter GAE 648 CD acoustic
Yamaha 112J electric. (Blue)
Squire (Fender) Stratocaster standard (Gun metal black)
Tanglewood acoustic TMO-7 (non cutaway)
Hohner Countryman Hobo acoustic (Satin) (Retired)
Hohner harmonica

What made you want to play music?
Started to learn to play guitar when I was 10-12 years old, can't remember exact age. Well anywhoo, I had a borrowed guitar and didn't make enough use of it so it was eventually taken back by my uncle. So when I got enough money to buy my own I did Posted Image this is my 3rd or fourth time trying to learn and this is also the longest time I've managed to keep my nose to the grindstone lol. 5 months on the 20th of September 2009.

My Gear
I rarely play through amps instead I'll use headphones or go unplugged.
I use Reaper daw software as an in/out on my main pc, and get excellent latency with X-fi pci audio card running on Win 7 x64 Os.My Zoom G2.1u foot pedal, is used as a pre-amp and effects unit and plugged through the Creative X-fi sound card.

Previous Music Experience
Played accordion push button with dummy notation much like tab I suppose for guitar. Play harmonica but only by ear never learned top play properly, had rudimentary music lessons at high school and also played recorder. Hope no one can see this my life will be ruined Posted Image
Learn to play recorder http://www.bbc.co.uk...abaster/A506387

Legacy courses I am taking


thanks for stopping by


One year on with L&M Guitar


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One year on with L&M Guitar Its been a super year for me, before L&MG I was strumming a few chords rather badly I'd imagine seeing as I didn't know how a strum related to actual music. I was lost as in what to do next I needed a plan and guidance and most of all needed to learn how to read music I didn't want to be a chord player I wanted to understand that stuff the teacher tried to drum into me and my class mates all them years ago when I didn't want to learn and was to ignorant to what my heart was trying to tell me.

Learning to read music is in the personal instructor domain at least thats what I believed until I found the Steve Krenz L&M guitar teaching course I watched the promo videos and said to myself this is really professional and the awards it had received sealed the deal I got L&MG as and early birthday present with extra duties to make up for the early expense (no give without take)


The first time I looked at the index I said look at all this stuff and I showed it to a few friends who's scrunched faces and raised eyebrows said a lot. The index was a lot to take in and I hadn't seen the bonus book yet maybe that was a good thing. I didn't venture to the index for a long time after that. What I had seen was a big lot of stuff cool but a lot thats all I needed to know Posted Image

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Learning about music notes on the lines and spaces, rests, time signatures and tabs is essential info all used on a daily basis as I traverse my musical world. With Steves instruction and my perseverance I can now read and play a completely new musical piece (Not in L&MG) within 30 minutes I could make a recognisable performance of it. Okay so its not the most mind blowing music but I'm still learning and progressing.

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To get to this point was a major achievement, I marvel at my music reading ability the joy it brings that unexplainable feeling that you can only have when you read a piece of music for the first time when I play for example something by Bach or Beethoven and take a moment to think to myself this is me I'm doing this I'm playing music that was created by the greatest composers that ever lived am I proud of myself? I certainly am    Posted Image While I was working at my single note exercises and strumming what chords I could at the time I would play along with Steves band using backing track cds that was good experience and difficult initially but it got easier for me the more familiar I got with the melody and the backing rhythm all part of the L&MG learning experience.    

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Enter the forum As I progressed to more chords and strumming in Session 5 where I learned chords and how they relate to different keys I was intoduced to Major, Minor, Dominant 7, Sus, Add and Minor 7 chords and it was a very enjoyable exercise the chord progressions and strum patterns Steve put together really helped me to hear the music.


So I wanted to get making my own music and recording it to play back, this is not covered in L&MG the course will provide you the knowledge to drive to that place but won't provide the vehicle. what you do get is a fully functional forum by Legacy learning system thats provides support for students 24/7 365 a year

The forum has a home/studio recording section where I was introduced to Reaper an affordable digital audio workstation software, with a little expense considering that I possess my own desktop pc I got a few inexpensive pieces of gear and recorded my own music with the help I got from the other forum members should that be directly or indirectly through there own posts for knowledge on whatever recording topic http://community.lea...fault/smile.gifNeedless to say what I initially recorded is not very exciting because I was only playing a few months but it was mine because "I MADE IT" If you're feeling brave have a listen by Clicking/playing youtube link below.


Clip info

The drummer is from my zoom G2.1u foot pedal the bass and lead/rhythm is me.

To discuss this video goto this forum post Here

Since that I've got more adventurous and have done recordings every now and again because I have the skills and tools to do so, am I proud of myself? yes I am http://community.lea...ult/biggrin.gif

Strumming (Learning chords) Learning how a single strummed 1/4 note related to written music was essential information progressing that to 8th note strums and starting to use rests really helped me. The further you progress in the lessons the more intricate the exercises you practice are get. Strumming can have the same characteristics as melody playing strumming with a variation of notes and rests its challenging but it can sound so good compared to the straight quarter strums I started out with.


Final thoughts about the year

I enjoy re-enforcing the skills I have gained and the camaraderie in the support forum and I'm looking forward to the many new skills I'll gain in this new year on my quest to learn guitar. I'm finishing this year 3 months into Session 7 (and sneaking a look at session8 ) Session 7 is the introduction to barre chords and this will be tough going (I've learned this and been told) the exercise technique is the same for everyone but you must develop your own personal technique with the lessons/exercises provided so simply put it's gonna take some time for me at least but its going to be challenging and fun and I'm gonna do it. Hope you enjoyed my year update if you're reading.

Thank you Legacy & Steve for a great course, and all the support and encouragement.



Steve Krenz wrote: "Keep up the great work, don't be discouraged. Yes, it will take some effort. Most worthwhile things do" http://i33.photobuck...aying-1-1-1.jpg


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