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In Topic: Site Deemed Unsafe

05 January 2018 - 06:20 PM

Any updates on the new board? 

I'm still seeing the Not Secure | https  which I've been seeing for months. Hence, I haven't been in here much at all.

Hate to start over and see all that content lost but if its not being supported...better off moving elsewhere.

In Topic: Troubles at Gibson?

08 December 2017 - 05:18 PM

For all the people who say the Gibson brand won't go away because they are too famous...you may be right in the sense that someone might acquire the brand during or after a bankruptcy, but they can definitely go out of business, be sold off, or have the brand become something totally different.


If you don't believe me, ask:

Compaq Computers, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Enron, Blockbuster, Pan Am Airlines, Tower Records, Polaroid, Pets.com, Borders Books, BBQ's Galore or Lehman Brothers (a 600 Billion dollar financial company and one of the oldest ones around...until it wasn't.) 


Bad management can kill a brand and a company. Gibson might survive or might not..but it sure isn't pretty right now for them. I wouldn't let that stop you from buying one. Any luthier can fix your guitar if there is a problem and Gibson doesn't do much when there is anyway. Who knows. It might go up in value if they go bust. It might not too. 

In Topic: Troubles at Gibson?

26 October 2017 - 07:48 AM

It's not too surprising to see Gibson struggling. They keep making foolish decisions. The robotic tuners, Richlite fretboard, so many line extensions it's almost impossible to decode the product line, ongoing quality issues, poor service, and rising prices. They seem to be forcing expensive options on consumers who don't want them and won't pay for them. They think they are innovating but it seems more like they are groping to find something that can justify their higher price compared to alternatives, instead of focusing on super high quality for their super high price tag.


Frankly, they end up making instruments with a bunch of crap people don't want, and trying to sell them for hundreds or thousands more. And all too often, they have quality issues. No wonder they aren't selling well.


I hope they survive but I"m not sure it wouldn't be better if they hit bankruptcy and got acquired by someone with a passion for quality and a better ability to simplify the product branding while offering semi-custom orders on a reasonable timeline. If I could buy a Gibson the way I wanted it, that would be game changing. Most of the time I pass on them because I can't get them how I want them.  






In Topic: The best tip ever for learning chords and changing chords

27 June 2017 - 04:25 PM

I know the moderators are set up that way and some students but I really wanted people who are just students going through the course to catch this tip, including those who may already be on session 12 or session 20 etc. I'm not sure most students are set up to see every new post. I know I tried that some years ago...for about a week! Then I turned it off...it was too much. So that's why. Hopefully it will help a lot of folks.


Watch the video, this really may be just what the doctor ordered for your issue. I bet you can solve this issue in 3-4 days of 20 min focus on this issue. I'd suggest doing both parts of the lesson with that change. The "squeeze and hold" part for the barre chord, just to make sure you've really got your fingers well trained on it, and then the individual finger movement analysis and practice of that. Figure out what position your hand is in at the end of the riff, then stop there and analyze how each finger has to move to get into the barre chord, and practice that movement individually for each finger. Also when you hit the barre does it all come down at once, or do you lay the barre finger down and then place fingers in a quick sequence? the chord forming part of the exercise might help you lay them down "all at once" speeding things up.


Let me know if it works for you. I found this really helpful for forming new and unusual chords I came across and learning to play them quick & clean, usually within just a couple days. It can produce a little finger soreness from the hard squeezing if you do it a lot. I consider that just part of playing guitar sometimes. Just like an athlete gets sore training new muscles (or pushing the old ones).



In Topic: scales and modes

26 June 2017 - 10:30 PM

I love(d) The Far Side. Always great stuff. 


So that you don't have to be confused about modes, as most guitarists seem to be...

See Desi Serna's DVD "Modes". If you can still buy it. 


You can google him and get to his website but I see mostly downloadable stuff there. Amazon used to sell his books and DVD's but maybe he has stopped publishing the material that way. Not sure. 


His courses do a great job of going through the material AND linking it to many many many real songs you will know. Great stuff. His fretboard theory classes are a good follow up to LMG if you're looking for structured material and another series of DVD's that can keep you growing once you get past session 20. Some will be repetitive but I think you'll find that will help reinforce material you learned recently in LMG and present it from a slightly different perspective sometimes. 


I have no affiliation with Desi, for the record. But Steve does. He had him on his tuesday lessons at least once.