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Saturday Morning Fun

06 March 2016 - 03:48 PM

We had our saturday morning practice and I decided to turn on the iPhone to record one of the songs. Usually I record practice but have been lazy about doing it. You really find out what you need to work on.


This is recoding of Vertigo, we had started on it a couple of weeks ago and I had been struggling on it, some of that can be do to lack of practice on my part for that song. We finally got it to where we can play all the parts at the right time of the song. Still needs a bit of work and I need to flesh out some of my parts. IE, I generally come in late on the chorus. Torwards the end, the drummer speeds up a little bit.


The other guitar player plays a Line 6 15 watt SS amp, and generally, you can't hear him. He plays the chucks on the verse and the bridge, I play on the other parts. The drummer hits them pretty hard so we have to turn up thus drowning out the line 6. All our kids are in the School of Rock program, so thats how we met.


It's a ton of fun playing with others, we have about 10 songs down, for me it's what it's all about. I do prefer evening practices to morning practices due to the fact that instead of hot coffee, we can drink beer.


No editing on this take from the iPhone. I normally bring my pedalboard but just playing straight into the amp this time.