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The coastal Bend

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#1 triple-oh



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Posted 27 August 2017 - 04:19 PM

I started my practice session this morning,but I had the tv on so I could see what's happening in Rockport TX. We were planning on going there in Oct. after the hurricane seaon.I guess that won't happen now. Family members had evacuated Rockport and are now waiting in San Antonio not knowing if they have a home anymore.What a mess! And not just the coastal Bend towns and cities. I guess you will need a seaplane to land at Houston International airport and then a "water Taxi" to get to the" island city".This might not go to well for Houston.

Update.A damaged screen door was their only damage. The trees took a beating and their shed and fence were gone. I guess it pays to live in a structure that used category 4 or 5 construction methods.Hurricanes must have been on the builders mind,since
the area just experienced hurricane Celia in 1970 when their place was built.Plus it also addressed storm surges and flooding. The town as a whole didn't do as well and it my be weeks or months before they get back to stay. I was curious about their neighbors wood frame home.When it was being built I noticed that each roof truss had cables anchoring them to the foundation. That house also wasn't damaged.I seem to remember the builder telling me it was being built for a 6ft storm surge.One good thing about the Gulf Coast is that the tides are small. The barrier island (4 or 5 miles out from their place) didn't appear to slow this storm down,but i might have reduced the height of the storm surge.

PS I guess a bigger disaster is happening in South Asia.

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Posted 27 August 2017 - 11:33 PM

I wish your family members the best, triple-oh.  At least they are safely in San Antonio.

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