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Has anyone tried using a roll up keyboard?

Practicing on a Roll-Up.

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#1 AssembleThis



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Posted 14 August 2016 - 02:45 AM

Hi everyone! I'm new to Learn and Master. I just purchased the piano coarse, haven't received it yet. I have a Yamaha DGX660. I paid for an online coarse and have been watching every You Tube video I can for pointers, but was hoping this coarse will be much better. Find it complicates things when practicing having to go back and forth from the computer to the Yamaha. Was thinking of getting an 88 key roll up that I can place in front of the computer for practicing. Then when I feel I know it well enough, move to the Yamaha. Yes I realize a roll up will sound terrible compared to the Yamaha, but the functionality of it would greatly improve the learning curve. At least that's what I'm thinking. What do you think?

AssembleThis  :piano:

#2 SandyB53



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Posted 17 August 2016 - 07:45 AM

Howdy and Welcome to Learn and Master Piano. I am currently taking the Guitar Course but the Piano Course will be Designed similar to the guitar Course. What I believe you will find is that you can use your Yamaha Keyboard with the Learn and Master Course since typically you will Watch the Video and then Practice from the Learn and Master Workbook. I am not sure whether the Piano Course has a Bonus Resources Book but if it does, be sure to work thru it in each Session before moving up. I wish You Well!

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#3 AssembleThis



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Posted 17 August 2016 - 04:51 PM

Hi SandyB53! Thanks for the encouragement. Well I received the coarse the other day. First thing I did was try it in my main computer and on a DVD player. The DVD's work in both. So now I still have to get cables that have been ordered and the roll up which is being shipped. After all the surfing, video watching, Udemy piano coarse and books I've scanned through, the best information I've gotten so far has been from this forum. Thanks so much for all of the posts and information you all have provided. The DGX-660 audio out to my computer works great with Sony Music Studio for recording MIDI. I transfer the files after manipulating to Synthesia, which has a feature to slow the recording down to practice. It's a very clever way to practice, as the notes scroll down you simply copy each one. Doesn't replace sitting at the Yamaha but a nice feature for getting ten to thirty minutes practice to improve placement and speed. It's kind of like a digital tutorial file that never go's away once you make it. Since I know very little about piano I have spent every day practicing and learning the notes. I really want to learn this, not as a master, or to be a professional but for my own enjoyment. When I was five years old I was given a rental Sax and lessons for a few weeks. I never forgot the joy of learning to play it. Sixty years later and I still remember it clearly. That joy I felt as a child I still feel when I'm sitting at the piano. Granted the only thing I can play at the moment is some scales but those same feelings are there. :piano:

#4 NeilES335



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Posted 21 August 2016 - 04:21 AM

All the best with your piano course! Im more into guitar but took piano as a kid too. Ironically, 1 of the first tunes i learned back then 50+ yrs ago was Minuet in C, (J.S.Bach). This is one of the first songs in the L&M guitar course also. Piano knowledge trasmits quite well to guitar & vise versa; especially theory. My electric piano's is the closet..time to dust it off. Enjpy the ride.

#5 yellow



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Posted 27 August 2016 - 03:02 PM


I am doing both guitar and piano courses. I am really enjoying both!

Yes I think your cunning plan with the roll up keyboard will work to some extent, one of the things that it could help you with is to work on coordination between the two hands. However you may find that the roll up keyboard could hinder you in playing lyrical phrasing, i.e. making the piano/keyboard sound like a singer by making some notes softer and others louder. This is introduced in session 7. I have never used a roll up so I do not know how touch sensitive they are.

Best wishes


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