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How critical is Weighted graded keys for beginner

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#1 samjordan



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Posted 01 February 2016 - 09:03 PM


I haven't yet purchased this course nor a piano. Doing research on what to buy for first digital piano.


I realize that to feel like a piano the keys have to be graded and weighted on a digital piano. Touch sensitive non weighted keys are basically a keyboard, not a piano.


And I am lead to believe that if I start on a non weighted keys then transitioning later to proper piano will be difficult as my fingers will have to retrain for pressing weighted keys. So I am past the doubt whether I should buy weighted or non-weighted(keyboard). Defintely weighted.


Now amongst weighted, there is medium, semi and fully. Now I am looking at Yamaha's entry level P45 digital piano as the lowest price point instrument with weighted keys and I see that they are medium weighted.


Now if I go with medium weighted, will I again have to retrain the fingers for fully weighted; because if that's the case then i might as well go for cheaper non weighted keyboards with full size piano keys instead of wasting my money on medium weighted keys of P45.


Fully weighted digital pianos seem to start at £600 here in UK. P45 is £250 in UK.


Any advice on this and suggestion for a cheaper fully weighted digital piano even if it is not a branded name.




#2 Jusca



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Posted 03 February 2016 - 05:43 AM

Definitely buy a digital piano with weighted keys, if possible as this will be the closest touch and feel of an acoustic piano.  Not all weighted keys feel the same so be sure to test each digital piano to find one that suits you.  I've owned a non-weighted keyboard and when I compared the action and touch to the acoustic piano in my house, the keyboard just didn't compare to the expressiveness that weighted keys allow you to do.  If all a person can buy at the moment is a non-weighted keyboard (touch sensitivity is a must!), then that's better than having nothing at all.  


 PianoWorld forums has a dedicated section to buying digital & acoustic pianos and that forum is very active.  I would highly recommended trying that website for more information and great suggestions on weighted digital pianos and any playing transition advice from a keyboard to digital pianos.

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#3 !



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Posted 21 February 2016 - 03:34 PM

I have the P45, bought it just before Christmas. It may have medium weighted keys but they feel pretty darn close to a spinet type acoustic piano. Much more piano like than the Casio I had before this one. If you are still considering purchasing it ask and I'll do a short review (I never completed the L&M Piano course but I did get at least 1/3 through it).



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