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Session 3 Snuck Up On Me


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Posted 13 January 2015 - 03:42 AM

I was well into today's practice schedule when I realized I'd already met the "Ready to move on" criteria yesterday.  Went ahead with what I'd planned for practice then sat down to watch the videos.  Later I prep'd some sheet music as I seem to much prefer having sheet music on the music stand rather than trying to keep some book open.


First up is a sheet for the alternating thirds.


Attached File  Alternating Thirds in C.pdf   27.18KB   120 downloads


Next are two C scale sheets.  One is one octave and the other two, with fingering, ascending and descending, each hand.


Attached File  C Scale One Octave.pdf   33.68KB   91 downloads

Attached File  C Scale Two Octaves.pdf   47.82KB   72 downloads


The first one is slightly different than Will does it in the Session video; doubling up on the Cs makes it fit a 4/4 measure.  Note the tempo and notes in the second, it will feel and sound like you're playing at the same tempo as the first one.  I did it this way because it was easier to lay out.


Next is the C-F-G Progression #3


Attached File  C-F-G Progression #3.pdf   36.42KB   119 downloads


Finally there is the 1st Chord Progression (Broken Up)


Attached File  1st Chord Progression (Broken Up).pdf   30.62KB   131 downloads


I had intended to add a link for "Joy to the World" thinking that there would be a first edition facsimile PDF to be found at IMSLP.  Apparently Handel didn't actually write the music for this though there is some general belief that portions of it come from "The Messiah."  Anyway, as this is meant to be an ear training exercise I don't think I'll make it easy on myself or anyone else.


As usual if you or any of your team is caught or killed the Secretary will ... oops I mean if you find an error or these have been deleted to make room to upload something else let me know. 

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