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C-F-G Progressions #1, #2, and a Bonus


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Posted 19 December 2014 - 05:37 AM

Can you say, "Serendipity?"  Finding the C-F-G Progressions coincided with me about to start work on a C-F-G progression for a song I already can play the melody for.  Better yet is that it being a bit more difficult the first two progressions will be good preparation for this one.  And as if you couldn't guess it is that progression which is the bonus.


So I guess this will be the drill.  If I write a sheet for something from the Lesson Book I'll share it here.


Trying to put three independent pieces of music on one page is not something that Guitar Pro is happy about doing, that is to say one is forced to either write it as one continuous piece or create separate files for each, thus three pages instead of one and three files to upload/download instead of one.  For instance I couldn't enter the different tempos for each piece except as I did, which was as a text entry.  I'm still not sure how or why the "mf" appeared in bar 11 (I suspect it has something do with bar 10 being empty) nor why I couldn't get it to appear in bar 16 just to be consistent.


As with my previous one it is written with the intent of being hands separate (HS) exercises thus one hand teaches the other while both get a chance to gain experience.  Of course you are welcome to do whatever you want with it, and if that means playing hands together (HT) or papering the bottom of a bird cage so be it ;-)


As before this may one day be deleted to make space to upload something else, or someone might want the file in GP6 format, or there might be an error, whichever ... just PM me and I'll take it from there.


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