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Thank you Steve! Flatpicking Magazine is even BETTER than I expected! WOW

education magazine recource music cd teaching guitar tab notation

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Posted 26 September 2014 - 01:42 PM

I know I have touted this magazine before but I have to give you all an update!!


I decided to focus on two issues and I've been diligently learning the songs from them. The back to basics issue (Nov.dec 2011)

and the March/APril 2008 issue. My family can't believe the progress I am making and my husband in particular is so happy because if I'm practicing the guitar I'm not playing the synthesizer (which he's not too fond of lol)


but then I got my NEW issue; now that I'm a subscriber I realized I HAD to look at it because by the time I finish with the two I started and the other 10 I bought at the crazy price of $1 or $2 dollars each then the NEW issue will be an old issue.


I've put all three cds in my iPhone and when I go to the gym etc I listen and try and learn the songs. 

I've actually found that I've done pretty well (although I go much slower than the speed they have as full speed) without even listening to the cd.  sometimes I do that to see how accurate I am.


These magazines are really laid out in a structure that we as Learn and Master Guitar Students are accustomed to. I think that's why I'm enjoying them so much. I feel like it's an extension of Steve's course!!


Believe me (in case you thought like me that it's just another magazine that will find itself in the garbage after a few months) that's not going to happens..you will keep this one like Steve's books....they are that good!! 

(and i'm not getting any kick back to say this lol) well I am getting a kick back and you know what that is????? I'm learning and playing guitar almost every day!!! and getting better. that's the best pay off!!


once again Thank you Steve 


oh yeah and I'm still working on session 17 but it's going to take me a while...that's a daunting task learning all those scales...but I'll do it!!! One step at a time or I should say one note at a time!!!



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