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Posted 31 March 2013 - 03:59 PM

Hey all, quick question.

I just did the workshop for lesson 1, (well yesterday, i havent done todays yet)

But my hand(wrist specifically) hurt like all hell after I was done following along with the video.


Today I was just going to go from the book, do the progression, and maybe try along with the play along CD.

After 1 day i can probably even do session 2; it was very easy and i can do it fast.


BUT with the pain I dont want to - something has to be wrong with my hands, technique, etc.

so I want to slow it down, and get that right first.


Question is though - im doing it exactly as he instructed.


Middle C at navel,  hands cupped like holding a ball, playing from arms, fingers up a bit before pressing. straight back, relaxed.

it just feels that my right arm has to struggle to play directly in from of my body like that. wrist starts to hurt.

Straining to get that thumb down in that cords, my solution feels like moving the piano (err moving myself lol) so middle C is more to

my right, but that would be another bad habbit?


I dont think its finger strength, As i play guitar too. well at least in the left hand (which didnt break a sweat)

but that right hand ::cry::



I wont get a chance to practice today because we are about to leave for holiday dinner (id have practiced already)

but i wanted to hear back from you good people first. so ill check back here tonight for tomorrow. thanks.

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Posted 01 April 2013 - 03:45 AM


L&MP Session 25

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