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Five, Again

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#1 GregT



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Posted 22 October 2010 - 04:34 PM

I know lesson five problems are a popular topic, here's my issue...

16th note accents, etc. seem simple enough and after a couple of weeks, I am totally comfortable around 60 BPM. At 80, I am mostly OK. At 100, I can barely hang on for maybe a minute at best. 120 seems totally out of reach. I have been trying for days and just don't seem to be moving at all.

Do you suggest just sticking with it and slowly working up?

I had the same issue with 'Saints' in Lesson 4. I can play the first 55 seconds or so fairly steadily, but then it falls apart. I tried the beat with a metronome and 100 BPM is OK but 120 seems impossible.

I think I have some kind of muscular coordination speed limit at 100 BPM!




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Posted 31 October 2010 - 12:01 AM

Sorry-- i know you asked Dann specifically, and he will no doubt respond soon with a much better answer, (and before he also asked us to wait until he responded! :smile: ) but just for the sake of encouragement, and feeling my point is relevant, let me quickly say this:

I got up to around 100-105 bpm on session 5, felt it was an impossibility to hit 120bpm( this was after 5-6 weeks), and moved on to session 6. I also never made it up to 120 on session 4 on 'when the saints' i also struggled up to around 100bpm. In the same frame of mind I moved onto session 5. I was annoyed at myself. I felt I had failed.

Anyway, I can now play both session 4 and 5 at ease, i can do session 5 at around 140, and probably faster if i pushed it. The point is, I think you should move on if it seems too hard a target, in case you lose motivation, and immerse yourself in session 6. When you come back to session 5 I am sure you will be able to hit the targets in no time. Believe me, man, i feel exactly what you are going through! It's great now looking back on the progress, that which which seemed so hard back then.

Incidentally, I am behind on all my Session targets, and I was a touch disheartened. For instance i couldn't get up to 150 bpm on session 6's driving shuffle, i got to around 130. But I flew through session 7 in no time-- so that's the way it goes. And when i go back to the Shuffles again, i am sure i'll get up to 150. It's not cheating if you eventually go back and finish it. Whatever works.

Just wanted to encourage you, hopefully my thoughts here have helped.


#3 GregT



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Posted 08 November 2010 - 08:57 PM

Thanks for the reply!

I figured something out last week, which I hope is correct. Up to about 100 BPM, I can move the stick with my wrist/arm alone, basically the 'fishing rod cast' stroke that Dann talks about.

Starting about about 105, you have to start flicking the stick with your fingers as well. Below 100 they just kind of hang there doing nothing but keeping the stick in place, but to get higher BPM I have to start using them!

At first, this feels super awkward and uncoordinated, but after a while, it comes together. I can do 140 BPM now pretty steadily. Now I am trying to get it to work nicely with accents (and also on the real snare, I have been doing a ton of practice pad lately). I think I will be in Session 5 for quite a while yet!

Any comments about wrist vs. fingers appreciated.


#4 Kent


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Posted 09 November 2010 - 06:07 AM

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#5 Mika



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Posted 01 January 2018 - 03:15 PM

I also ask myself if we talk well of the same speed at lessons 5.Because 16th note @ 120bpm is like that https://youtu.be/nteG7Giyxzs


Seeing a beginner doing perfect single rolls at this speed seems out of reach, and doing the other exercice perfectly with accent seems a bit too demanding for a beginner at this speed.


Or is it me that have to higher my expectation. But even in other videos about single rolls I just see advanced drummer doing this and not for long.

#6 Dann Sherrill

Dann Sherrill

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Posted 28 January 2018 - 11:25 PM

Hi Mika,

I just saw this. I've been trying to access the forum for several months but haven't been able to get on. Weird. Finally got on today and saw your post. 


I think I mentioned in a post several years ago that the "120 bpm" goal before moving on might have been overly optimistic. So please do not let that stop you from progressing in the course. 


I suggest that you keep working on getting the tempo of you 16th notes up to a point that you can play alternating 16ths along with various L&MD play along tracks at different tempos. They need not be at 120.  It's more fun to practice tedious things like that along with music as opposed to a metronome. By the way, I recently discovered a wealth of really cool play along tracks on Youtube that are great fun and will serve as a supplement to the L&MD play alongs. Search "drumless tracks" on Youtube. A whole bunch of them come up. Work with this stuff long enough and eventually you'll be playing 16th notes with one hand! 


Warmest Regards,



#7 Steve Krenz

Steve Krenz

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Posted 10 March 2018 - 09:54 PM



Yes, this board was out of commission there for a while, but now Legacy has got it functional again.


It became so unusable there that we started a new guitar discussion board which you can find here... https://www.guitarga....com/community/


Hope you're doing well.


- Steve



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