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Gathering Feedback

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#1 woody9wood



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Posted 03 July 2010 - 03:23 AM

^^ Bing told me he and Woody were going there instead of the picnic, but I never heard anything from them about it.

Hey man, sorry, like I said in the other post, the man has been keeping me down. NAMM was great! I guess it's about a 10th of the size compared to the one in cali but it was still a blast. Nothing like going into a room full of high end Taylor guitars and the guys there telling you, please pick it up and play! It was neat to see all of the variety of guitars and stuff. All in all I would do it again except next time spend more than 2 1/2 hours there. Hopefully it will be around next year and they open it to the public again.
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#2 vietzilla



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Posted 02 July 2010 - 04:53 PM

I saw them there at NAMM. There was a gigantic collection of instruments, mostly guitars exhibited -- Some were very alien looking which I saw for the first time. There were some creative instruments/ideas such as JamHub. Legacy was there, so were some of its competitors :-). I was surprised not seeing any big vendors there such as PRS, Fender, Roland...The good thing was that you could walk around and pick up some freebies such as hats, picks, guitar magazines etc. I was lucky to see Andy playing 'Manha de Canaval" on a harp there; Jonny Hiland was there jamming with some visitors. And I saw Bret Mason playing for the 3rd time; he was there playing with Gov Huckabee.
I was astounded to see many musicians from kids age 10 to older playing, jamming, checking out gears. They were very exceptional -- making me feel like selling my gears and giving up..j/k

^^ Bing told me he and Woody were going there instead of the picnic, but I never heard anything from them about it.

Maybe they're still there? :shock:

#3 Tied



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Posted 01 July 2010 - 10:11 PM

^^ Bing told me he and Woody were going there instead of the picnic, but I never heard anything from them about it.

Maybe they're still there? :shock:
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#4 Lacks Focus

Lacks Focus


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Posted 01 July 2010 - 07:46 PM

^^ Bing told me he and Woody were going there instead of the picnic, but I never heard anything from them about it.
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#5 Compustein



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Posted 01 July 2010 - 06:04 PM

I know it was not a part of the Gathering, but I was wondering if anyone took the opportunity to go over to the NAMM venue on Sunday since it was the first time they had allowed non-vendors onto the floor?

Good bad or indifferent, I wondered what the overall feel of the conference was like. Was it worth the time to go to?


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#6 jwalker



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Posted 01 July 2010 - 08:58 AM


*Sound level for the players/performances was MUCH more reasonable than last year. I didn't have to put in my ear plugs even once this year. (as opposed to last year when it was a choice of either going deaf or using them constantly!)

* Big screen was excellent addition. I actually watched it most of the time instead of trying to look at what was going on on stage.

*Ensembles were nice addition

* This is not something directly having to do with Legacy, but LOVED the line up at Muriel's Show. It was the best! (the venue... well, see deltas below)


* No one at the sign up table to pay for the Sunday lunch or ask questions to.
I tried to pay several times but no one was ever there. Finally had to run Steve down and pay him directly. Need to have set times for a Legacy person to staff the table so people can pay for those types of things and ask questions, if anyone had them)
Steve is too busy to track down for this type of stuff. (although, as always, he was very accommodating to anyone who needed help even though he is always pulled in many directions)

* People talking LOUDLY in the room (and in the back of the room) while the classes/performances were going on. Very rude and annoying, and happening CONSTANTLY! (even from Legacy personnel, I had to shh them twice myself and I saw a couple more people do the same)

*Parents not keeping their small children quiet during the classes/performances.
For gosh sakes, if your kids can't keep quiet, won't behave, or you can't keep them from running around in the room, take them outside or don't bring them in the room at all. Very annoying.

*Wildhorse was TERRIBLE venue for Murial's show. Actually had one of the show promoters come stand in front of us, blocking our view (and others near us), start talking LOUDLY during the performance, then acted like I was a moron for asking him and his lady friend to be quiet and move so we could see and hear what was going on upon the stage.
At times it was hard to hear because of all the constant chatter going on in the room. A lot of people didn't seem to be paying attention to the performances at all and just kept prattling away as if it was a dinner party and not a concert. At several points, the crowd noise was drowning out anything they were trying to say on stage.

Sorry, the last 3 Deltas are mostly venting and not something Legacy could do something about (except for their employees LOUD talking in the back of the room while the classes/performances were going on)

Overall, this year was an improvement from last year. (last year wasn't bad, just needed some tweaks)

I'm sure next year will be even better!

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#7 kt6strings



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Posted 28 June 2010 - 09:30 PM

Deltas/ :idea:s :

:idea: It would be nice if there were a venue or time set aside for those of us who like to jam/play unplugged. The hospitality suite seemed to be outfitted for or more oriented to the amplified crowd. The picnic was naturally suited for acoustic playing, but by then many folks had already left.

:idea: Set the practice times and locations for the ensemble groups in advance. The jazz ensemble had their act together, but the classical ensemble--not so much.

:idea: To kick off the official start of the Gathering, it would be great if Steve could (formally) address the attendees with: brief words of welcome; who to contact if we have questions; where to post suggestions or other communications (like announcements of group gatherings) (maybe I'm unobservant, but I didn't know where the flip chart was located); perhaps even recognize the people who've attended previous years, or people who've travelled long distances, by asking for a show of hands. Not a long boring speech, but an informative 5-10 minutes, either at the Meet & Greet or the first all-attendees session. I think that would get us energized and give a cohesive feel to the start of the festivities.

:idea: I also agree that the hospitality suite was a little cramped and noisy, making it difficult to freely interact with one another during the Meet & Greet.

:idea: It seemed like not a whole lot was going on the first 1-1/2 days, while Thursday afternoon through Saturday night was jam-packed. We could schedule in jam sessions, ensemble practices or other activities during the times that Steve is busy with the "8 on 1" (a/k/a private) lessons.

#8 John B

John B


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Posted 25 June 2010 - 03:27 PM

I think everyone covered the pluses very well so no need to repeat them. I really enjoyed getting the Jazz Ensemble music early to learn the part and practice and then play with the rest of the group. That was a lot of fun. One evening Me, Tom M, and Bing got together and had our own practice (Guitars 1, 2, and 4) before the final performance. Thanks to all who brought extra amps, cords, and music stands. That worked out very well. The big screens were a real plus to see the artists fret and pick hands. The guest book Steve had was a great idea and darn, I forgot to sign it and write some comments! Oh well, I'll sign it next year. I really think Steve covered all the bases and it is really hard to think of any deltas. The gathering just keeps getting better and better and I'm always amazed how well it all goes and how much I enjoy it.
John B
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#9 Pam



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Posted 25 June 2010 - 02:45 PM

Great idea, Tom, I think most of us would benefit from knowing a bit about how to do a good sound check. I know I would.
I agree that one of the best improvements this year was the large screen enabling us to see what those flying hands were doing ( not that I'm going to be able to play Simon says with those guys, but...:)
Pam from Spartanburg, SC

#10 Stargazer55



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Posted 25 June 2010 - 02:16 PM

Last year's gathering was awesome. This year it was even better! :D

I would have to agree with Ray on the Meet & Greet/Jam room. It was a bit too loud, even for jamming. I know this would increase the cost but, maybe smaller rooms could be reserved for jam sessions with a small fee assessed to defray the cost. That way, members with similar tastes, instruments (acoustic vs. electric) and skills could get together & jam & practice without the various distractions. Or, maybe rooms that are already reserved by Legacy could be reserved for jamming during the times that they're not in use.

I just read the following from Steve (Ascoli) in another thread & it led to an idea.

"It was fun playing the songs together and even stumbling through a song in front of everyone. We learned that a sound check is an important thing and starting over wouldn't have been a bad thing."

Perhaps Steve might convince Garret, the sound technician, to do a session on how to do a proper stage set up and sound check for both individual & band performances in order to get the best sound to the audience.

I can't wait until next year already! :D

#11 cowanrayl



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Posted 25 June 2010 - 01:37 PM

This was my first one and everything about it exceeded my expectations. It was just great.
The only thing I had difficulty with was the Meet and Greet. It was held in the jam room where there was loud music being played. You had to yell to talk over the music. I have a slight hearing deficiency and it’s hard for me understand conversations in a loud environment. I’d like to have seen it in a quieter location.
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#12 kdkoadd



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Posted 25 June 2010 - 11:44 AM

Plus Side:
- The ensembles were definitely a plus. Playing with a group was a new and enlightening experience for me.
- The video screen was great.
- The artist workshops are also a plus. Every year I've been exposed to artists I would not have otherwise known about.
- The charity swap was an excellent idea. We should definitely try to do that every year.
- The student showcase is always a plus.

Minus side:
- I would like to see Steve's master classes run as a special-topic lecture rather than an open Q/A session. Although I've learned something in these classes every year, I'd prefer to see them focused on a single topic rather than the free-for-all format. Not really a minus, rather a "delta" as katie stated :-)
- Cheaper room rates. Yes, I know if I were not the king of procrastination I could probably have booked early through a different source and secured a cheaper rate. It just seemed to me - at least this year - had it not been for our group, the hotel would have been empty.

Overall, the event was outstanding. I've been every year thus far and intend to attend next year; so, that speaks for my impression of the event...
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#13 Jeff D

Jeff D


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Posted 25 June 2010 - 06:07 AM

I attended a guitar seminar a few years back and one element that was really cool was that the instructors were willing to play with the student at the recital if asked.

This helped relieve some of the stress for some of the beginners, but also made it so the more accomplished musicians could have a duetting partner.

#14 Steve Krenz

Steve Krenz

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Posted 25 June 2010 - 04:05 AM

I think the ensembles were a huge success. I would like to do more of them next time, with more songs attempted.

I've got a long list already going of things that went right and things that we could expand upon.

All comments are welcome.

- Steve



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#15 kt6strings



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Posted 25 June 2010 - 02:23 AM

What did you all like about the Gathering ("pluses")? What things could use improvement ("deltas")?

Here are a few pluses to get us started (thanks to Fraxinus):
+ Jumbo tron screen, which gave everybody a "front row seat" view
+ Ensembles, which allowed more people to play at the Showcase

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