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2010 Gathering - Thoughts and Ramblings

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#1 FloydFanatic


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Posted 21 June 2010 - 07:04 PM

Excellent suggestions, especially the small group thing. We were the last group, and didn't get a whole lot done. It REALLY wasn't a problem for me, as I got more than my money's worth out of the whole Gathering. But a focused lesson would probably work much better IMO.

Having 3 ability levels to keep the class close in level would help too IMO. Like, have 3 classes on each topic - Beginner, Int, Advanced and post the following topics for people to sign up on:

Chords (Open chords for beginner, Barre for int., jazz chords/substitutions for adv)
Soloing (3 note solos for beg. Pentatonic for Int. Using modes for Adv.)
Theory (Co5 for beg, Family relationships (I, IV, V, etc) for int. and key hopping for adv)

That's 9 classes (3 a day), and it may allow people to sign up for more than 1. Wouldn't have to limit the class size to 8 though, since it would have a lesson plan in advance. Just an idea.
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#2 Steve Krenz

Steve Krenz

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Posted 21 June 2010 - 06:58 PM

Great insights, Byron,

It was great meeting you. There is always an ongoing list of things that worked and things that didn't.

Being that this conference didn't start from us but from you the discussion board folks, I feel a responsibility to try to make your investment of time into it as valuable as can be.

I look forward to seeing you again in the future if you can make it.

Keep the great ideas coming.

- Steve



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#3 Lacks Focus

Lacks Focus


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Posted 21 June 2010 - 06:01 PM

Great ideas, Byron, and I especially second your suggestion about focusing the small group lessons a bit more, though I did enjoy the one I was in very much.

And Steve told me he loved the ensemble performances so much he wants to expand that part next year. I don't know if he means more groups, or larger groups (he'll need a bigger stage for that!), but he was extremely happy with how they turned out, and he wants very much to continue that.
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Posted 21 June 2010 - 05:51 PM

Hi all,

As a relative newbie to the course as well as the group, I thought I should post up some thoughts and observations from my time at the 'Gathering'.

Firstly, I'd like to thank Steve (and the Legacy crew) for putting so much time and effort into putting it together. The organization was stellar, and the facility was perfect for the venue.

Note: These ramblings seek not to criticise any part of the gathering, but to only bring up possible topics of discussion.

1) 8-on-1 Workshops. I personally enjoyed the workshop I attended although it went into a slightly different direction then was probably intended. I was in one of the acoustic/electric workshops. From what I've heard, the 'typical' format has been for Steve to go around and see if anyone had any issues they wanted to work on. Well, for me the issue is simple - 'I need to practice more'! My personal opinion is that these workshops should be a bit more focused. Publicize ahead of time the audience and intent of the workship. Here's an example:

Acoustic/Electric Workshop 1 (Intended Audience - Sessions 1-6) Barre chord tips/exercises/songs.

Here I purposely picked a subject that stumps tons of people (from what I've seen on the forum). Therefore, it would be an ideal subject to focus on within an 8-on-1 workshop. As you see I also mention the intended audience so that those that attend each workshop will be on the same relative skill level. This also has the trifecta of making sure everyone gets some more guitar-playing time as the workshop would have more 'follow-along' play. Perhaps provide a worksheet(s) ahead of time so that people will be familiar with what will be covered.

2) Ensembles / Group-play. I thought this was a terrific idea. Such a terrific idea that I think it should be expanded. Along with the 2 ensembles that will probably continue onward in the future (jazz/classical), I love the idea that Adele had of pre-creating a group in the months leading up to the gathering. I'm sure there are several people that would like to organize other bands and to have scheduled practice time at the Gathering to put it all together. Because the ensembles have limited slots, this would give the rest of the attendees an opportunity to play more and also get in some dreaded stage time. I only mention this because if you know there will be 2 ensembles and 3-4 groups you can go ahead and schedule several practice slots within the days leading up to the Student Showcase (as was done with the ensembles). Anything to increase 'guitar-playing' time is a plus! (are you seeing a pattern?)

3) Master Workshops - I loved them. Brent Mason and Phil Keaggy were my personal favorites. However, if time is needed to fill in more 8-on-1 workshops and ensemble/group practices, I personally would be okay with dropping the number of Master workshops from 6 to maybe 4. Friday/Saturday of the gathering my bum was quite numb with all the back-to-back master workshops and concerts. Oh yes... and perhaps a future master workshop can have 'Rock' represented?

4) Student Showcase - From what Bing and Woody described to me from the 1st Gathering, apparently the bar has been raised quite a bit. My only suggestion is that students tell Steve (if he doesn't already know) of your specific skill level or if you have gigging experience. I personally think those more advanced students should play at the tail-end of the showcase so as not to intimidate those who are in the early stages of the course and seeking to conquer their stage fears.

Anyway, those are my initial observations... please don't beat me up too bad, because in the end I really did enjoy the Gathering tremendously.

Till next time!


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