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Blooming Blues

Oil painting


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Blooming Blues

Blooming Blues
16 x 20
Oil on canvas
Discovering new (to me) ways to lay, brush & render oil paint. I actually pushed & pulled the paint & so far pleased with the results. The world melts away & I am grateful.
I obtained strong - yet soft- contrast between light & dark. I am making progress. My art vision is unique & I hope appealing.

    Wow, nice petals. Is that a single brush stroke per petal?  That's awesome how you painted the light on the table behind/under the handle.  I think oil is your medium. Such talent!



    Thank you JalapeƱo!

    Yes it is a single brush stroke per petal. I was pleasantly surprised at the results this time. I whole heartedly agree with you that oil is my medium. I love, love oil paints! 



    Another wonderful painting. Do you use the water soluble oil paint, or the standard type? 


    Thank you Michael! I use Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil Colour. Love it, but there are so many out there, I plan to give Old Holland a try as well.