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Calla Lilly A New Beginning

oil painting


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Calla Lilly A New Beginning

16" x 20" oil on canvas
This is the calla lilies that grow along the one side of my house. The flowers & leaves are huge and very interesting.

    This is a wonderful painting Tammy, probably your best of the bunch. Here's why I think it is your best:


    Let's ignore the color (I've converted it to black and white for this discussion) and start purely with composition




    With only two elements you've brilliantly placed them them away from the centers. Generally speaking an even number of elements is much harder to compose than an odd number of elements. You've placed them brilliantly and even with an even number of flowers they do not sit heavy in the frame.


    Apart from composition the real professional thing you've done is your value ranges are exceptional. Your darkest darks are multiple values below your lightest lights but you've got more than four values between them and spread them around in a very pleasing/interesting array. I've reduced your painting to just the values in black/white/gray so you can see what I mean. 






    This is by far my favorite painting you've posted, not color wise, but favorite overall with everything considered. Great job!!!!

    I should probably show you what I've been up to.  Here are a couple of colored pencil drawings I've done recently. This is from a series I'm doing for a potential children's book.  I'll show you the ladybug and the dandelion.









    Oh! Thank you so very much for your detailed analysis!! I am encouraged to paint another. 

    Your ladybug & dandelion are on point! Perfect for a children's book! 

    Thank you again!