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Les Paul


My Gibson Les Paul

    Just saw it was a Gibby...can you tel me the year?

    It is a Studio Deluxe // made in 2013.

    LP, I have looked all over the net and only seen the setup, like yours on my EPI...can you send the [icture pf the headstock and the serial # I think these guitars were really limited when they were made.Perhaps concept?


    The binding on mine is truly good!


    Your Zebra pups look like classic Duncans.


    The finish on your Gibby is almost as the finish on my 2002 EPI LP I will have my camera back soon...daughter on vacaton.


    Will send to you and would really like to see all aspects of your rig.







    BTW, is your Avatar your baby? I live in Ford country and the Shelby's are the bomb!


    I had a '65' Stang and I bored it out from a 289 to a 327 and that baby screamed. Had a lot of really tough cars back in the day!

    I will send you complete photos of my guitar as well...I know you said yours is a Studio? If that is the case the guitar I have was at one time called a custom...I have my very first Fender Strat from 1972 when I was in HS, It had been in my mom's attic and when she passed this past spring I got it back.


    Complete with rust, some body warp and stickers age approiate for the times. I sent it to my cuz as he is in the business of referb!


    It is going to cost me...I may get out if it is going to be more than 5 grand...but will go with my gut.


    My parents hated the fact I wanted to play the guitar...they shelled out big bucks for me to take piano lessons. But when  I sold my guitar to a person our family knew.


    My dad bought it back because of guilt and misunderstanding. They just wanted me to do what they wanted me to do at the time.


    I am omly telling you these things because it may help you understand  my interest in (what I think the guitars we own may have in common.)


    I think we are going to see a real evolvement in guitars and then there... will always be the old school.





    Guitar Center still sells this model. As far as I can tell the specs for mine and the '14 are the same. As the guitar is not shown on Gibson's website, I called Gibson and they confirmed my SN as a real Gibson with a full warrantee. It was manufactured if I remember correctly in Oct or Nov of '13. This model is sold only to a major reseller that he would not name.


    I bet your Mustang with the bored out 289 must fly.


    Yes, that is my Shelby GT500. The photograph was professionally taken while I was on the track at Sonoma Raceway a couple of years ago. Little Shelby has also been to Mazda Laguna Seca, Ca,. and to Spring Mountan Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump NV. It is not being race, just seeing a little hot lapping from time to time.