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My Sigma And Me

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My Sigma And Me

This Sigma GCS-3 is my first and only acoustic guitar. I bought this in 1983 from Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan. At the time, Sigma was a sub-brand of Martin that manufactured in Korea to their specs, then finished and sold through Martin in the US. The body is a little small (Grand Concert Size) but it has great tone and is easy to keep in tune.

    Great picture , must be the picture angle , im thinking Prodigy , http://www.youtube.c...h?v=wmin5WkOuPw  


    Just Kidding , Looks great , would bet it sounds Great to, Happy New Year to BillF

    Thanks Gary, Happy New year to you too!


    That's a very strange video.  Not my style ;)

    Was kidding, in you picture your hair seems to look like his , trick of the light maybe , and i love that tune ,


     Great Collection of Guitars to 

    Hi BillF,


    Wish you a Happy New Year.


    In photo, the guitar (body) doesn't look small. Anyway, because of playing for three decades, your wonderful guitar would have been well seasoned.

    Thanks for all the kind words.  I wish I had been playing consistently for 30 years!  It seems like I can't play for more than 3 or 4 months at a time without putting it down for a lot longer.  Skills come back, but I'm still struggling to get out of the beginner stage.  I'm hoping this time around I'll push on through the course.


    Happy New Year!