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  • My New Best Friend
    My New Best Friend
    Picked up this 2009 Les Paul Studio, white with gold hardware and trim at Guitar Center for less than 1/2 of 2010 new guitar. Always buy at end of year if time will allow it. Retailers hate paying...
  • Taylor 812CE
    Taylor 812CE
    Sweet guitar!  I own a 512 CE Grand Concert and love it.
  • DSC00066
    I  love that chair it on  Twitter  too :)Ray
  • DSC00066
    Love that chair, I assume it is  height adjustable , ? And may I ask  where one can be purchased like that?Thanks  ,Ray
  • IMG 7508
    IMG 7508
    Thanks. The guitar was made in Indonesia. The offset company is Blueberry guitars. So I dont really know as I didnt make it. 

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