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Posted by Lowstrings, 06 June 2017 · 688 views

Just throwing this out there: how much time is too much time spent on one session? I've spent like a month on each session not that i didn't get it but because i really want to be sure i'm spending enough time going through each session end results producing that straight up guitarist that we all want to become. I play a Gretsch hollow body my end goal in the tone of blues; her name is Jean and i love her so! One thing i would like to mention, i was 16 years old back in the day i played a little bit back then, no knowing anything remotely close to what i know now. But one of the best things that could have ever happen to me, happened, guitar wise i met Albert King through a young lady back then I whose father used to play the drums for Mr. Albert King! when ever Albert would come through Michigan he would stop and visit with her father and that's how i met him. His influence is still with me today even as i am taking Learn & Master the Guitar/Learn & master the blues. As i move through my guitar home schooling i think back to the days getting to know Albert with such fond memories so often remembering the few things Albert showed me for when I've truly finished my schooling to put them all into play, goes hand in hand with everything Steve Krenz has and continues to teach me which is so much ,more than I ever dreamed of. To all who decide to take the time and read my posts thank you much for your time!

Not sure what session you'e on. I recommend following Steve's advice on how long each session should take. If you're spending a month on each session, you will probably find you'll progress faster and better if you move on sooner, then take a second pass through the course after you have completed the whole thing. Then you can revisit anything you feel you needs more work, and you'll have more perspective to know what you missed or didn't. I recall Session 4 was a bear and probably should have been 2 sessions so that might be an exception. Use the "you're ready to move on when" goals, but don't be a perfectionist with that. If you are stuck in one sessoin for more than 2 weeks, I'd suggest moving on and coming back to it. In this way, you will complete the course in 40 weeks or less, then have the ability to go back through and understand better what you might have missed before. I applaud the energy to "do it right the first time", and I'm kind of wired that way too. So I understand where you're coming from...but...take my advice....move on faster. Also, Albert was "da bomb."

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