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Session 2 - Oh, so this is what I've been missing

Posted by IdahoDad, 31 January 2017 · 939 views

So, after years of Scruggs style banjo playing, even had a period playing with a bluegrass group, I've decided to finally get serious about playing the guitar. I have to admit to learning banjo by ear, tab, and perseverance, whilst never reading music or even trying to understand the basics of music theory. For some reason the banjo came easy; must have been those years as a kid listening to the Grand Ol' Opry on the crystal set (shows my age).

Now that I'm fully retired (albeit the honey-do lists) there's time to learn the guitar (always have loved the sound). Carefully researching the best courses, here I am. I'm already learning that my left hand technique isn't right and that's been a good start. Banjo necks are small enough you can fudge bad positioning.

So, I find myself picking my way slowly through session 2. Amazing how much time I need to associate the notes with my fingers. I'm in no rush, and want to set a good foundation, which is requiring me to swallow my pride and accept that I'm really not a musician, just an old banjo player taking up the guitar.



Looks like you have a great handle on your current challenges. 


I'll be starting Session 2 next week, and your post has given me hope!


Thanks for posting and keep us informed of your progress.


Happy trails,




PS:  you will find me posting in the Guitar Forum.  You might want to do the same,  as few post to or look at the blogs.

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