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Moving On

Posted by billcoton, 11 December 2016 · 967 views

I am moving on to session five, I can play the exercises in session four at the
correct tempo, I find the songs a bit tricky, I will be revisiting them regularly as
part of my training, I would have stuck with them till I could play the a the correct
tempo, but they are song I don't particularly want to learn to play.

I would rather spend time learning songs the I want to play, at the moment I am
trying to learn some Christmas songs to play to the family on Christmas day.

I looked at the videos Steve sent out in an email this week, I have been trying to
learn to play Silent Night as this is one of my favourite hymns, I would love to be
able to play the basic version that Steve sent, but I think it will take me till Christmas
next year to be able to play that version, never mind the advanced version.

I have had a couple of days this week when I really could not play correctly, I
just could not hit the right string without looking down at my hands, it felt like I
had only picked up a guitar this week, I had to cut my practice time down as I
was getting more and more frustrated.

Just incase I don't make another post this year, I would like to wish anyone reading
this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Bill.


Don't be afraid to look at your hands if you need to. The end goal may be to have enough muscle memory to put our fingers in the proper places and pluck the intended string without having to look but we want to get to that end goal correctly and practicing mistakes won't get us there. 



Happy Christmas to all.

Must say that I agree with Eric.



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