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Session 4 Second Time Round

Posted by billcoton, 30 November 2016 · 868 views

Here I am on session four again, not so scary this time around, getting through
the exercises OK, need to concentrate on the songs though, I have not gone
through the bonus material yet, I will have to see how I go with the exercises in there.

I have been back to the bonus exercise for session three, still having problems
playing one of the four string exercises, it's not so much playing the exercise, I
can do that fine, it all goes wrong when I turn the metronome on, but I did manage
to play Jingle Bells at 120 bpm.

I am also tying to learn Elton Johns Can You Feel The love Tonight form one of
the Easy Pop Melodies books, not one of my favourite songs, I think I might try
one of the others, I have seen a couple I like.

I have also been learning some Christmas songs, I might try them out on the family
at Christmas, you never know they might be impressed.

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