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Still On Session Three

Posted by billcoton, 18 November 2016 · 519 views

I am able to play the exercises at 65 BPM, I can play the songs at 95 BPM,
but it is going to take a little while longer to play When The Saint Go Marching In at 110 BPM.

I can play all songs along with all the Jam Tracks without making mistakes
and staying in time with all the notes and rests.

But as soon as I start the metronome I lose it.

I mentioned earlier I can play the exercises at 65 BPM, these are the ones
in the main book, the ones in the bonus book are a different story, I determined
not to move on till I can play these at 65 BPM and When The Saint Go Marching In at 110 BPM.

Just Hang in There Bill, it will Come...Sooner or Later. I remember the first time I tried to play the Fast Version of When The Saints Go Marching in....I had played about a Dozen Notes and the Song was already Repeating...lol. I told my wife "I'll Never be able to Play this Song at this Speed". Within a few weeks of Daily Practice I was able to Play the song at Full Tempo. My advice is to just keep at it and don't try to Play along with the Backing Track, make sure you can Play all the way thru the song without error (this will mean your fingers have Memorized the necessary movements). Speed is not an Issue, continue to play thru the song and you will notice that you begin to feel less and less stress and that you begin to be able to play the song Faster as you continue to play it over and over. Then try it with the slow version of the Backing Track until your Bored at that speed, move up to the Medium Speed on the backing Track and play that version until your Bored, then you will most likely be able to play the Song at Full Tempo. This is the way I learn to play New Songs. In the beginning play just a few Bars until you have that part of the song Down...then Add a few more and play the original Bars plus the New Bars you are learning. Continue on until you have learned the whole song. This method works very well for me and I hope it helps You also.

About the Metronome....Don't worry about playing in TIME until you have your Fingers able to play thru the song without error. Any Speed is OK as long as you can do it without error, once you have the Fingering down pretty good you can Add in the Metronome and begin trying to Play the Song in Tempo, just start Slow, TEMPO will Come Naturally, you will soon see what I mean. The Key is allowing Ample Time for this to happen, the more you Practice, the better YOU Get (and Faster...naturally). I am able to Practice for hours at a time without becoming Bored, so I Practice until I think I have had enough, but I find Practice Enjoyable not a Chore. The more I learn, the more I want to Practice. When i realize I have actually Learned something it drives me to continue on. I know Most People do not see it this way so I feel fortunate to be able to Practice Extended hours without Fatigue or Boredom.

Thanks again for your comments Sandy.


I am like you I have time to practise for long hours and once I pick up my guitar I forget all about time, my wife is also at home and I start to feel guilty when I am practising, she hasn't complained yet but that doesn't stop the guilt.


Thanks once again for your sound advice on how to practise.

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