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Session Six

Posted by billcoton, 14 January 2017 · 912 views

Since my last post I have been through session 5 and 6, I must
say I am really enjoying playing along with Steve, some of the
chord changes I am finding a bit tricky, so I shall practice them
on my on and go back to the DVD and try again.

It would be great if I could find someone to play along with, I
have been to a jam session held locally, but these gu...

Moving On

Posted by billcoton, 11 December 2016 · 961 views

I am moving on to session five, I can play the exercises in session four at the
correct tempo, I find the songs a bit tricky, I will be revisiting them regularly as
part of my training, I would have stuck with them till I could play the a the correct
tempo, but they are song I don't particularly want to learn to play.

I would rather spend time learning s...

Session 4 Second Time Round

Posted by billcoton, 30 November 2016 · 864 views

Here I am on session four again, not so scary this time around, getting through
the exercises OK, need to concentrate on the songs though, I have not gone
through the bonus material yet, I will have to see how I go with the exercises in there.

I have been back to the bonus exercise for session three, still having problems
playing one of the four string e...

Good Practise Session Today

Posted by billcoton, 19 November 2016 · 487 views

I had a three hour practise session today, normally I would feel
guilty, not today my wife had gone visiting and I got stuck into
my guitar practise.

I am on session three for the second time, and have been having
problems with the exercises, especially the one's with eight notes,
if they are on the same string I am fine, but moving between strings
has b...

Still On Session Three

Posted by billcoton, 18 November 2016 · 519 views

I am able to play the exercises at 65 BPM, I can play the songs at 95 BPM,
but it is going to take a little while longer to play When The Saint Go Marching In at 110 BPM.

I can play all songs along with all the Jam Tracks without making mistakes
and staying in time with all the notes and rests.

But as soon as I start the metronome I lose it.

I mentione...

Starting Over

Posted by billcoton, 04 November 2016 · 412 views

I practice every day, and I have kept a log of my activity for each day, this is one of the tips given in the first programme I joined, I should add I have missed days when on holiday.

When I was working I got up a bit earlier so that I could practice, I did 20 minutes on work days, at the weekend I would practise longer, now I that I don’t work I can gi...

Learning To Play Guitar

Posted by billcoton, 03 November 2016 · 408 views
guitar, lesson, training
Hello Bill here, I started learning to play guitar on the first of February 2015, I purchased an online training program, I stuck with it for about three months, and found that they had add new videos, the problem was there was no continuity, the videos did not fit in where they were placed, I found I was going over old material.

Another thing I did not...

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