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Played in my first live bar gig!

Posted by percision, 15 January 2012 · 1,846 views

After 2 24 hour long uploads that failed because youtube said I was using video files that they did not support even though I've used those formats in the past with my earlier videos. I finally got the jam I did with my guitar teachers band Interstate Buffalo during an open mic jam he setup for students of the music studio that I go to & for other musicians to get up there and play. Had a blast playing live for the first time in public outside of the monthly jam sessions that the studio does for their adult students. It was also the first time i've played with my teachers band and that was a trip since they did Cisco kid by war differently from the studio version by throwing in the Am every now and then which caught me out almost every time lol. My teacher is off screen playing lead guitar.
I do have to say all the work I’ve put into S11 the past 2 months is really paying off as far as being able to move all around on the neck and my note accuracy with each form. I was a little mad with myself afterwards that I didn't put nearly as much as I should of into my phrasing with my solos. Went into autopilot way too much, but that seems to always be the mode I get into the first time I’m doing something. Still had some nice solos during the 40 minute jam, and I absolutely love my 1st solo in the very last song @ 37:25.

This was the 2nd time I got to play live on my new Blackstar HT-40 club amp too! Still haven't worked all the kinks out to get from rhythm playing to going almost seamlessly into a lead but it sounded good none the less. Also dropped in a 57 classic and a 57 classic plus into along with 500k pots and quality wiring into the Vineyard LP copy. Would have never been able to play with the stock pickups because they would go microphonic every time I put a little bit of gain into any of the amps I’ve ever played it through! The pedals I was using were: Boss TU-3 tuner into a Boss SD-1 overdrive into a Rat Deucetone with one side on the Turbo rat and the other on the Clean rat settings and then into a MXR analog delay.

Overall I was very happy with my jam. Everything that I’ve been learning from the lessons that I take, to everything I’ve learned from Learn & Master guitar/Blues Spotlight course and all the day's spent practicing are slowly but surely beginning to take hold and become natural where I don't even have to think much about doing it to be able to actually play it on the guitar. That really was an eye opener to me because I reflected upon that as I drove home that night thinking about how far i've come in the 2 years that i've been learning to play the guitar.

Well Mike, I must say that it truly is amazing that you have only been playing guitar for 2 years...You have done so much...all of your videos are Spot on...I agree...about your solo on the last song..it was beautiful...and I would never know that this was your first gig...I'm sure it's the first of many. I think you have done both of your teacher's proud!! Congrats
Wow Mike, really cool. BTW, how is that Ht-40 working out? I've been dragging my feet on getting another amp and I was looking at the HT5, HT40 and Egnator Rebel 30. I'm mostly a bedroom player and use headphones but with the silent recording output, I should be able to use my headphones through an audio interface or small mixer and it has the extra headroom in a live setting if I need it. Anyway, back to your first gig and solo, congrats, really cool!
Thanks Maria! I bet both of them are :surprisedwarrior:

The HT-40 looks like it will work out great for me. The HT-5 is not powerfull enough if your not going to mic the amp and the HT-40 will but if your going to mic it then getting an attenuator on it would be nice as you wouldn't have to crank it up to hit the sound you want.
Great performance, really liked it. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your journey with us.
Thanks Leonard!
You sounded great way to hang in there for the last two years and your right it did pay off. I do have one question you wrote about the equipment guitars, amp and peddels....... you mentioned the lead solo ( by the way it was excellent )tell me how great was it to play music for a real audiance tell us did you love it? Midtown Man

Awesome play. You really rock man.


I hope that I play as good as you do in 2 years !!!

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