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My song for Steve's birthday CD

Posted by percision, 22 July 2012 · 875 views

Finally got around to recording my song for Steve's birthday CD. Work's been getting in the way a lot lately but i'm pretty happy with this as it's my first recording with my Blackstar HT-40 while using Full Drive 2 mosfet pedal without using the boost and using my new Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro guitar with coil splitting and I tested...

It's back!

Posted by percision, 10 July 2012 · 697 views

The blogs are back! Woo hoo! Not much to report on my side other than work has been insane and i've been doing lot's of 12 hour days for the past month and it look's like that will be the norm for a while. Sadly it's cutting into my practice schedule but i'll survive on some kind of 1 hour zombie daily routine of sorts to keep my...

It's the little things that make your day!

Posted by percision, 30 April 2012 · 721 views

It's been a while since i've posted on my blog! Been busy practicing a lot and doing a few gigs here and there. But I had a great gig the other night and wanted to share my story of that night.

So here I am after 2 years and 5 months of learning the guitar and I’m at Fox & the Hound in North Little Rock Arkansas on 4/28/2012 and something...

Played in my first live bar gig!

Posted by percision, 15 January 2012 · 1,856 views

After 2 24 hour long uploads that failed because youtube said I was using video files that they did not support even though I've used those formats in the past with my earlier videos. I finally got the jam I did with my guitar teachers band...

"You Got It" By Roy Orbison, Song Hits Song 1 full version

Posted by percision, 08 December 2011 · 634 views

Heres my cover of "You got it" By Roy Orbison with a little A Major Pentatonic/Major scale improvised solo I came up with. The time i've spent in S11 for over the past month is begining to pay off! My rhythm was a little spotty in two spots "beginning and right before I do the...

Some live jam session videos

Posted by percision, 07 November 2011 · 299 views

Added 3 new videos to my youtube page of me playing in a live jam session. I'm the long haired guy on the far left :surprisedwarrior:  Had a great time as always. Really enjoyed the 2nd song because the jam leader told us to try using stuff outside of what we normally would. Had some of it that sounded good and other parts that didn't sound all that...

New recording

Posted by percision, 27 October 2011 · 530 views

Had alot of fun playing over this Bb Minor smooth samba backing track.

7 months into Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar.

Posted by percision, 16 October 2011 · 764 views

Title says it all. I'm coming up on my 7th month in the GL&MG program in one more day so I thought I'd do a little what have I learned from the program post.

Lets start with how I got/stumbled into the program. Prior to starting GL&MG, I had been a big time nerd and one day playing Guitar hero I thought that it would be more fun to really...

Finishing S10!

Posted by percision, 16 October 2011 · 324 views

Allright I've been in S10 for close to a month and a half now and have had just a terrible time at getting around to practicing daily in general for about a month of it. But this happens to me every year around this time because I hate it when summer begins to turn to fall and then winter. I love the summer with its warm and hot weather and when it...

Time to move onto session 10!

Posted by percision, 28 August 2011 · 442 views

Today marks the point where I feel as if i've got a good grasp on the concepts of Session 9. My rhythm playing is pretty darn spot on @ 100 bpm on all of the regular & bonus exercises and i'm feeling pretty good about my interval knowledge. Still going to continue to drill myself each day on the intervals for a while until they are so ingraned...

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