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Framing And Delivery Of "stargazers"

Posted by Gayle Levee, 22 December 2010 · 331 views

This is about the business part of being an artist. After finishing "Stargazers" I had to let it dry enough for a coat of retouch varnish, just to protect it. Then that had to dry. After that, I photographed it again and put a 3"wide gold carved frame on the painting.

Time to catalog the piece. I have a notebook with dividers for each of my galleries, and pages which I designed to include the title, dimensions, description, frame and delivery costs, date, price, location and sold date of each painting. When a painting is sold, I take the page out of that notebook and put it in the notebook of sold paintings for that year.

Finally, loaded the finished and framed art into the car, and in this case I hand-delivered it to Richland Fine Art. They loved it! They are sure they will be able to sell it at the price of $3,500.

Happy ending :)

Gayle did your painting sell -- can we see a photo of it?

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