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All The Color Is On Now

Posted by Gayle Levee, 07 December 2010 · 209 views

Today was about getting the rest of the color onto the underpainting so I could assess which adjustments need to be made. In adjusting the horizontal clouds, the challenge was how to soften them without losing their horizontal motion across the front of the sky space, an important counterpoint to the swirling shapes of my composition. 

The solution I chose was to break the horizontal shapes up with diagonal negative space, and to reduce the contrast between those clouds and the rest of the sky.

Now is the time I can totally ruin this painting, because I'm not finished but if I keep going I am in such danger of getting picky! Picking at a painting is the worst thing an artist can do.

So I'll put away my brushes for the day. Tomorrow I'll look at the painting with fresh eyes. The little details I would like to add may turn out to be relatively unimportant -- on the other hand, I may see some global adjustments I want to make to the whole thing!

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